January support advertising reception Start! !


 Hello. JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD (Cheerling Ad).

January support advertisementReception has started! You can apply from the cheeradion line.

We look forward to your application, checking the schedule.

We look forward to your inquiry.♩

■ January support advertising schedule

Supported advertisement schedule in January 2024

■ What kind of advertising are there?

"JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat Cheering AD Online"The site handles various advertisements throughout Japan.

The popular ranking of support advertising isHere

* From the viewpoint of traffic advertisements, please post the advertisement location at 12:00 on the day of the advertisement, according to the provisions of the media company.

The posting contents will be confirmed in advance.

About SNS posting

■ Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I give support advertisements individually?
Q. I want to give a cheering ad, but I don't know what to do
Q. What are the standards for design screening?

We have a site that summarizes the information you need to send from everyone, and the information you need by the end of the support advertisement.


Cheering advertisement Frequently Asked Questions


In addition, the magazine of "Cheering AD Online" publishes support advertising examples and interviews with other fan groups.HerePlease confirm!

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you!


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