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JR West Nippon Tennoji Station East Exit Vision

JR West Nippon Tennoji Station East Exit Vision

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* When posting support advertisements, permission from the rights, such as affiliated offices, is essential.
* Please note that it is not always possible to post it depending on the availability of the advertising.
7 days
Price (excluding tax)
start date
Approximately 103 inches (1 side) 60 inch vertical type
JR West Nippon Tennoji Station Station
Video production will occur separately.

About this advertising slot

・ You can play with a dynamic video. You can play your favorite cut like a picture -story show! That pounding feeling until the recommended advertisement flows!
・ Tennoji station new digital signage used by about 280,000 people a day! There is also a business information board, and it will be seen by various passers -by! !

Detailed information

Surface number
One surface

Size / specifications
Approximately 103 inch (1 side) 60 inch vertical x 3 mulch

Posting position
JR West Nippon Tennoji Station Station

Other precautions
・ 15 seconds/4 minutes roll
・ The minimum number of broadcasts is 90 % in operation, including emergency broadcasting and obstacles.
・ Broadcast time 4: 30-24: 30 (20 hours)
* Since the 60 -inch display is installed in 3 consecutive stations, the joint line is included.
* Of the 16 frames of the total frame, the four frames will be notified such as the operation status of JR West.
The following items cannot be posted. Please note.
・ Those that are contrary to public order and morals, those that give uncomfortable passers and the public, and are recognized as not being posted in social wisdom.
・ Others recognize that the media is inappropriate.

About posting

Way of delivering
File: Data submission. Still image (JPEG) or video (WMV9) (no voice)

Submitting deadline
7 business days before the start of broadcasting
* However, the deadline may be quicker depending on the time, so please check in advance.

Long until posting

  1. First, apply
    Please put your desired advertisement in the cart from this page.
  2. Confirmation of permission to affiliated office
    To affiliated offices will be allowed to post advertisements and permit image use.
  3. Confirmation of vacant frame status
    Check the latest vacant frame status.
  4. Payment → Secure advertising slots
    Please pay the advertising fee.
  5. Design screening
    You will need to judge the advertising content. Please send the completed version of the design.
  6. Delivery of advertisements
    Please deliver advertisements by the specified date.
  7. Posting
    A cheering ad will be posted.
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