Supported advertisements like this! ? "Sushilow signage"



I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

This time, we will introduce a unique support advertisement tailored to the push!

Sushiro signageis.


I want to please sushiI posted it in Sushiro Cineage with the feeling of the fan.

In fact, this was the first support advertisement at Sushiro Ciannes, and we continued to negotiate and consulted many times before the posting.

 When the fan announces the advertising plan, the fans are also excited and the trend of Twitter!

 The design was a sushi lane, and it was an advertisement for sushi!

This design is also handmade by fans.

Since it was about 540 stores nationwide, many fans went there, and it was very exciting on SNS.

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If you can consult, we will propose the best advertising development!