Where should I put it out? Supporting advertising popularity ranking



It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheerling Ad". 

Recently, every week, I have come to see someone support advertisements in the city! 

I'm glad that support ads are spreading little by little. 

"I want to give a support ad, but where should I go?" 
"I want to do a support advertisement, how much does it cost?" 

In response to your questions, today
We will deliver the cheerful advertising popularity ranking of cheerleading ads! !

◆ 3rd place handwritten message! Sticky notes advertisement

In Korea, which originated in support advertisements, we often see support advertisements filled with messages (sticky notes).

Anyone who loves K-POP this sight ...

I want to do something in Japan! ! I want to realize! ! 

With this enthusiasm alone, we have menued "sticky notes" in the spring of 2021! 


 Nowadays, there are many cases of the signboard menu of "Cheerling Ad".

The most important thing is that sticky advertisements can be created by all fans.

Through SNS, the fans share how sticky notes are filled, The scene where the sticky note is pasted is a masterpiece!that's why,
It can be a chance for many people to know, such as stopping their feet and taking pictures. 

The message of the posted fans
Fan groups often give them to the booklet together.


How about a warm advertisement that sends a message by hand? 


◆ 2nd place Jack all over the city! Outdoor vision

Outdoor vision is a big screen above all! The feature is that there are many places where sounds can be played.

The overwhelmingly popular broadcasting place is 
It is also a mecca of entertainment and support advertising (Senil advertising)"Unica Vision"。 

The three -sided large screen is powerful.

The advertising broadcast period is one week, but Unica Vision also has a one -day broadcast plan. 


In addition, recently it has been talked about by 3D cat vision."Cross Shinjuku Vision"There are many inquiries. There are multiple broadcast patterns using the curve of the building.


While many people go, why don't you make your recommendation a symbol of the city?

◆ Appealing at a station with a lot of people in the first place! Poster at the station

The first place is the station poster!

1 station, tens of thousands of yen to affordable,
Two, 3, 4 pieces, and more than one 

It can also be posted at the hometown, sacred place, concerts and stations near the event venue.

Among them, the most popular posting area is in TokyoShinjuku / Shibuya / Ikebukuro。 

Many peopleJR Yamanote LineorTokyo MetroPosting in is popular.

Osaka is Umeda / Shinsaibashi (OSAKA METRO), Nagoya is Nagoya / Sakae (Nagoya Subway), Fukuoka is Hakata (JR West), Hokkaido is Sapporo (JR Hokkaido).There are many examples.


◆ I want to advertise near the extra concert venue

Did you know that you can do a lot of things near the concert venue? On the way to the venue, you can support you in various ways!

The event has been revived, and more and more inquiries about "I want to advertise near the concert venue!"
Please refer to this as well!

Above, we have delivered the "Supporting Advertising Popularity Ranking"!

If you are worried about how much cost, please visit the site.