I want to advertise near the concert venue! ~ The latest version around Minato Mirai



Yokohama Minato Mirai Support Advertising Senil Advertising

The Yokohama and Minato Mirai districts, where concerts and live venues have been born in recent years.

The world's largest arena, K Arena Yokohama, which is considered to be the world's largest this fall (it has become a hot topic).

"Pacifico Yokohama" and "Pia Arena MM" are crowded every day at fan meetings of Korean and Thai actors and K -POP idols.

Introducing support advertisements that can be posted in "Minato Mirai", which will not be able to take an eye on it.

Stick notter advertisement Minato Mirai Board

There are many noticeable advertisements at Minato Mirai Station!
At Minato Mirai Station, you can develop sticky notes! Before the live, make your thoughts on your thoughts!


This is half size, but it is twice the size Stick notter advertisement Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai Station Road panel full set Also there.

Minato Mirai Flag Advertising

Jack the flag in front of Minato Mirai Station in front of the ticket gate! !
This is definitely noticeable!


* Please contact us as a flag printing fee will be incurred in addition to the medium cost.

Yokohama Landmark Tower S signage 7 days

"Yokohama Landmark Tower Society" on the conductor of "Pacifico Yokohama" and "Pia Arena" is also a popular medium in supported advertisements.


It is a signage installed on the 3rd floor and the first floor of the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

I want to get more near the venue!

◆ LED Vision Adtrack

Of course, you can run on ad track near the event venue!


◆ Bus stop ads

Advertisements can be posted at the bus stop near the venue.
(Please note that the bus stop advertisement is strictly reviewed.)


What is the closest to "K Arena Yokohama" and "KT Zepp Yokohama"?

When the live is held at the new event venue "K Arena Yokohama" and "KT ZEEP YOKOHAMA", the JR Yokohama or the Minatomirai Line Shinpakashima Station is recommended.

◆ JR Yokohama Station

Yokohama Station is a top -class station, so you can see it not only those who go to the venue!


Please also see this interview with fan groups.

Celebrate in your hometown! Last idol Aimi Ozawa's birthday advertisement

In addition, support advertisements can be aired at station signage.


◆ Minato Mirai Line Yokohama Station


◆ Minato Mirai Line Shinpakajima Station

Recently, support advertisements at home door vision are increasing.


Although it is the Minato Mirai Line Home Do Vision, basically, the application for broadcasting for one month is given priority, so the broadcast for one week will be an application from 8 weeks before the start of the broadcast and will be a tight schedule, so be careful. please.

At Shin -Takashima Station, B0 x 2 pieces can also be posted. The big size is noticeable anyway!


What is the closest to Yokohama Stadium?

JR Kannai Station, which is the nearest Yokohama stadium, cannot actually be supported. sorry! Please consider on the Minato Mirai Line.

◆ Minato Mirai Line Nippon Odori Station


Every year, at the time of Hinatazaka 46's "Hina Birth Festival" @ Yokohama Stadium, "Minato Mirai Line Nippon Odori Station" is full of support advertisements. It's a nice gift for members.

Above, we have introduced advertisements that can be posted around Minato Mirai.

I'm looking forward to the live performance at Minato Mirai in the future♩
Please refer to this as well.