I want to advertise near the concert venue! ~ Minato Mirai Edition



I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
Live holdings are increasing!

This time, it is the second advertisement "Minato Mirai" that can be served near the concert venue!

In addition to "Pacifico Yokohama" in the Minato Mirai area, "Pia Arena MM" in 2020, and the world's largest music live -only facility "K Arena" will open in 2023!

Introducing "support advertisements" that can be posted in Minato Mirai, which will keep an eye on it.

◆ Minato Mirai Station Poster

Be: First💙Junon💙Birthday planning

Since the birthday and the day of the live, it has been decided to post near the venue!

It was a development that many fans saw before the live!


◆ Minato Mirai Station Sticky notes Advertising

Daime Takatsuka FANDOM

At Minato Mirai Station, you can develop sticky notes!

Before the live, make your thoughts on your thoughts!


◆ Minato Mirai Line (Toyoko Line) Yokohama Station Poster

INI Debut Project

Yokohama Station, a transfer station to the venue!

◆ JR Yokohama Station Poster

Aimi Ozawa Birth Committee 2022

Yokohama Station is a top -class station, so you can see it not only those who go to the venue!


Please also see this interview with fan groups.


◆ Recommended media! "Bus stop ad"

I want to get more near the venue! It is recommended for anyone who wants.
* It is an advertisement that can be applied in a vacant side within 2 months.


Above, we have introduced advertisements that can be posted around Minato Mirai.

I'm looking forward to the live performance at Minato Mirai in the future♩

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