I want to advertise near the concert venue! ~ Tokyo Dome Budokan edition



 This is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
The event has gradually resumed with the cheerful spring.

The other day, I came to Japan from Korea for the first time in about two years and enjoyed the live after a long absence!

Therefore, this time, I will introduce examples of advertisements that can be served near the concert venue.

Today is Tokyo Dome & Budokan!

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Tokyo Dome @ Tokyo Metro Korakuen Station
Budokan @ Tokyo Metro Kudanshita Station

Tokyo Dome @ Tokyo Metro Korakuen Station

For two days on March 30 and 31, the 3rd anniversary of the debut of Hinatazaka 46 was held at Tokyo Dome.

Tokyo Dome is a place where 46 members Hyugazaka continued to sing in the song "Promised Egg" as "his promised land".

After two postponements, for the members
We helped to post a station poster to celebrate the Tokyo Dome performance, which was also long -awaited for Oisama ( * General name of Hinatazaka 46 fans).

◆ Ohisama egg corps

Celebrating the Tokyo Dome performance, a poster of the collaboration illustration of Hyugazaka members drawn by fans.

The advertisement colored in the team color of Hyugazaka 46 was shining at the station.

◆ Oisama's meeting celebrating the promised egg

It was posted at 4 stations: Azabu Juban, Akasaka, and Kudanshita, which are located at the place of "Hyuga -zaka 46", including Korakuen Station.

A message poster full of love of over 1,000 from Hisama ( * generic name for 46 fans of Hyugazaka) nationwide.

Finding your message is one of the pleasures.

Some fans were visiting advertising.

Budokan @ Tokyo Metro Kudanshita Station

April 16th and 17th, Rainbow Conquistador (commonly known as Niji -kon) held a one -man live at Nippon Budokan, the target of the team.

We helped the members who graduate in this performance to post their support advertisements for their thanks.

◆ Nemoto Nagi / Matoba Hana Suzu Joint Graduation Committee

A warm message for the cute rainbow cone illustration.

The feelings and thanks of the fans will be conveyed.

Supported ads near the concert venue
It is also a great attraction that many fans can see it on the way to the venue.

Advertisements along the Tokyo Metro line can celebrate with the design of everyone!