I want to advertise near the concert venue! ~ Around Toyosu / Ariake / Odaiba


I want to release a support advertisement near the concert venue around Toyosu / Ariake / Odaiba

 Hello. It is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Among the inquiries of "Cheering AD", the most common inquiries are concerts and events celebration advertisements!

So, today, I would like to introduce "Recommended advertisements around Toyosu, Ariake, Odaiba". The Gulf area has many live houses, concerts, and event venues.
In fact, there are many places where you can get support advertisements!

You can realize "recommended train" with Yurikamome

What is the "Yurikamome" that connects Shimbashi and Toyosu! Did you know that you can run the recommended train? !

◆ Body advertisement

The car body advertisement is often found on the Yamanote Line! is.

You can post support advertisements on the body (outside the train). Overseas, you often see support advertisements and Senil ads for body ads, but you can also do it in Tokyo.


The running period is one month.
* Separately, application costs, construction costs, and passing municipalities will be charged.

It's exciting just to imagine waiting for the recommended train to run at home.

◆ Jack in the car

Yurikamome can also jack with the entire inside of the car with an advertisement.

All posters on the train! How about a special private train?


You can choose 10 days or one month.
* Separately, "printing costs" will be incurred. Please contact us for more information.

◆ In -car advertising

The car body advertisement and jack in the car, which I have introduced so far,One (one train) in the operated train is "recommended train"But,Even if you get on any of the trains (car) of the train in front of you, one piece is always posted., It is a mechanism.

In -car advertisements include signage and posters.



Please refer to this article for more information about the recommended train.

"In -car jack" who wants to run a recommended train


It is an advertisement that can be expected to have a high attention rate, including Odaiba, and a trend spot in Tokyo. Why do not you run the train?

What ads can be seen by many people in the Gulf area?

From here, we will introduce noticeable advertisements in the Gulf area.

◆ LED ad track

LED ad tracks that run near the concert and event venue are recommended.
Adtrack is a popular advertisement because it can run from one day.

◆ JR East Long Size Shimbashi

There is a noticeable advertisement at JR Shimbashi Station, which is the departure and departure point of Yurikamome.
The first is "Long Size Shimbashi".
It is a medium that allows you to put 5 B0 posters on the side at Shimbashi Station.

◆ JR East Panorama Shimbashi

There is a large advertising frame on the transfer door of JR and Yurikamome. Big size B0 5 consecutive x 2 steps! ! Anyway big.

What ads can be put out near the event venue?

From now on, we will introduce support advertisements near the concert live venue in the Gulf area.

◆ Ariake Arena

Ariake Arena, which opened in August 2022, is an arena venue with the largest accommodation around the Gulf area.
The nearest station is Yurikamome "Shin -Toyosu Station" and "Ariake Tennis Mori Station" (both 8 minutes on foot).



◆ Tokyo Big Sight

The nearest station of Tokyo Big Sight is Yurikamome's "Tokyo Big Sight" (about 3 minutes on foot) and Rinkai Line "International Exhibition Center" (about 7 minutes on foot).



◆ Ariake Garden Theater

The nearest station to the Ariake Garden Theater is Yurikamome "Ariake Station" (4 minutes on foot) and "Ariake Tennis Mori Station" (5 minutes on foot).



◆ Toyosu PIT

The nearest station of Toyosu PIT is Yurikamome "Shin Toyosu" (3 minutes on foot)


By the way, "Yurikamome" has few advertising slots on the station poster, so it will be sold out quickly, so we recommend early application.
Even if it is sold out, please be assured that "Yurikamome" has Toyosu Station and Shimbashi Station, which is departure and arrival station.

There are still many support advertisements that can be served near the concert venue!

There are many ads that can be served near the concert venue other than "Toyosu / Ariake / Odaiba". Please refer to this as well.

I want to advertise near the concert venue! ~ Minato Mirai Edition I want to advertise near the concert venue! ~ Tokyo Dome Budokan edition


The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat is supporting you!
Please feel free to contact us.