Seo Inguk's 10th anniversary of Japan's debut! Support advertisement


Soviet -support advertisement


Hello! Today isSoinguk, which is extremely popular as an actor and singerMr. Japan's debut10Introducing anniversary advertisements. 

Familiar in Korea! Sticky notes advertisement

A large advertisement stuck at Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai Station.

On the weekend, it was full of love (sticky notes) of Gukpen.

It is a great success of the 10th anniversary!

I received a lot of happy voices, "Like Seoul!"

If you like Korea, everyone longs for that Seoul! ! It can be realized in Japan.

Interview with planning organizations

The fox -no -SEOINGUK'S JAPAN FANS commented on this project. 

 -What made you want to get a cheering advertisement? 

I thought about the publication because the 10th anniversary anniversary of Japan's debut was near.

-What was the difficulty through planning?

It was the hardest work of collecting money from fans who support the project.

-How did you actually implement the project? 

Although it was difficult throughout the project, the fans who actually saw the posters, the fans who participated in the sticky note planning, and the joy of distant fans who could not go to the site were heard. I'm really glad I was able to do it.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future? 

I would like to carry out a support project that will not only recommend, but also to enjoy fans!

Sticky notes were a plan that fans can enjoy.

If you want to give a cheering ad, we look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us.