Interview with Choi John Hyop's "EYE LOVE YOU" final commemorative advertising advertising fan!




Hello! I'm Ebe of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Now, the topic drama, "EYE LOVE YOU" is the last time tomorrow ...
Why should I charge energy from next week?

Today, we will introduce an interview with fan groups that posted support advertisements to convey the wishes of Choi John Hyep and the performers and staff of the drama!

The cheering advertisement has been posted for one week from March 25 (Mon) to the last episode of the drama!


■ Interview with planning organizations

We received a comment from the "Rakko Protection Association" that was implemented this project. * Interviews before posting.

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?

I became a fan of John Hyop after "Eye Love You", and I really saved this drama every week, so I would like to express this gratitude! I can't help it! That's what I thought.

In such a case, I remember that I had seen a culture in which fans have advertised and support the idols on SNS, and for friends who are rearing the drama together every week. If you talk, let's advertise together! It was decided immediately.

-What was the difficulty through planning?

There was only momentum, but I had no idea what to do to advertise ...
Contact John Hyop's office? Contact TBS? Where can I buy an ad? It was only Hatena, but I found the site of the JEKI support advertising secretariat, asked me to consult, and managed to post it.

-How did you actually implement the project?

It was a lot of trouble, but when thinking about the design, I looked at the drama site to every corner, checked a lot of advertisements for fans in Korea and Japan, and I thought only about John Hyop, the drama every day. It was a happy time.

I didn't think I could do this together with my friends, so just watching the drama every week (Teo ... Yuri ... and Hanaoka ... Thank you very much ...). However, I added more advertisements, and I feel like it became a special work in ourselves.

I'm really looking forward to posting now!
At the same time, it's complicated because the drama reaches the final episode ...

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

I want to see a lot of John Hyop's drama. Even after the broadcast is over, you will see "EYE LOVE YOU" many times. I expect a sequel! ! ! "EYE LOVE YOU" Manisanan Hay! !

I think it was difficult in a short time, but thank you for your hard work!

■ A wonderful relationship between fans and "EYE LOVE YOU" ...♡

"Eye Love You" was featured by Choi John Hyep, and I felt that Korean dramas had many familiar development and support methods. In the final episode, I looked back on various measures and initiatives that I enjoyed and created with my fans.

Interpretation from the Teo Fundam
* It is not a support example of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

I think it is a common case in Korea that fans put them into the drama site. When I knew that this support method was realized in Japan, I was impressed that Cho Jong Hyop, the drama, and the wonderful relationship between Fandom!

Fan gallery

The fan gallery held until March 12! As the name suggests, it was a lot of exhibitions where you can enjoy "fans".
If you actually see such a gallery during the drama broadcast period, you can actually enjoy the drama's props and costumes, you can enjoy the drama more.♪

And there is a message board in the gallery! South Korea has a culture that puts sticky notes on Senil advertising (support advertising). (You can now do it in Japan!) I'm glad that there is a space where you can write and put your thoughts on dramas and thoughts in the message.


In Korean dramas, "Couple Pictorials" with many exposure to the drama broadcast!
This time, many wonderful cuts appeared in "Anan" in the magazine, and I think that many fans were impressed with (thank you for the supply other than broadcasting and SNS ...).

Fan meeting

"Eye Love Fan Festival!" As the event title suggests, the events with the performers were held realistically, and I felt the love for fans of the drama performers and staff.

You can meet the performers on Tuesday drama "EYE LOVE YOU"! The program fan event "Eye Love Fan Festival!" ! | TBS TV "EYE LOVE YOU" starring Fumi Nikaido, which is broadcast every Tuesday at TBS every Tuesday. This time, the program fan event "EY

On the day of the fan meeting, the familiar slogan was also distributed at Korean concerts and events, so not only those who participated in the real world, but also those who participated in the distribution felt a sense of unity between the drama and the fan. It was!
I was really impressed by the performers and fans together with Omoinotake singing "Hundreds of Mitsuben", and watching the scenes they enjoyed and listening to.

Including this "support advertisement", the fans and the drama "EYE LOVE YOU" was a work that was tied with a really wonderful bond ... crying.

"EYE LOVE YOU" is finally tomorrow! I want to enjoy it with fans until the end! !

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