Supported advertising and recommended meeting plan in Pasera! ? [#Birthday party without himself]



It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

"Karaoke Pasera"We have started handling the vision advertising and pushing plan.
This time, we will send you a report of Pasera's media introduction & recommended meeting plan.🎈

■ Karaoke Pacela Yasukuni Dori Store support advertisement!

If you have a recommended party with 5 or more people, a recommended party pack is recommended!
Vision advertisement+It is more expensive than making a reservation for Pasera separately.

Karaoke Pasera pushing party set

In addition to the vision advertisement, the following set will be attached! Lingering

・ Karao Kelroom 3 hours room fee/3 -hour soft drinks all -you -can -drink/Color drinks/afternoon tea/1 color honeytow
・ The store isKaraoke Pacela (PASELA)Premium Karaoke Modis (Modis)All stores are targeted.
・ OK for up to 6 people to 6 people
・ Both karaoke and video appreciation are OK, free lending of recommended goods goods

Sales only for vision

Seibu Shinjuku Station and Shinjuku Sanchome Station are near, so it seems good to implement it with station advertising!

■ Plan report🎈

Would you like to have a party in conjunction with cheering advertisements, such as a birthday party that is absent, live performances and events?

This time, we have a celebration party for the 1st anniversary of Cheeringaddad using the pushing pack!

Bring in the decoration OK♪
This time, I decided to decorate a big monitor to the main!



Afternoon tea and push drinks on the recommended meeting plan were prepared in Ciad -chan color.✨
We will prepare it in your recommended color!



* Normally, one afternoon tea set+1 honey tow+drink customer


You can also screen a screening! Room introduction

There are many rooms where multiple monitors and projectors can prove!
In fact, the monitor in the photo we borrowed was the smallest monitor in the room with a largest monitor and a larger monitor and projector ...!

In addition, the staff will carefully teach you how to connect to your computer and how to play Blu-ray.


An example of the room

A set of sweets in the recommended color!

The afternoon tea Hanito color drink included in the recommended meeting plan is available in 11 colors!
The difference between blue and light blue, green and yellow -green is grateful for geeks ... It can be prepared according to the recommended member color and image color.✨


Afternoon tea color development
Hanito color development
Drink color development

Orders for other food and beverage menus are also OK!

I have a party in a hotel or rental space, but the best neck was rice.
It takes the most time to decorate the room, so if you bring it in, it will cool down and the timing of delivery is difficult, so you often eat only cakes ...

With Pasera, you can deliver warm dishes immediately because there is a karaoke store! Moreover, the quality is high and the number of menus is large! !
Not only common potatoes and fried foods, but also fashionable neo izakaya menus that look good, snacks that seem to fit wine are wide ... 🥳 🥳.
🍕Pasera cooking menu

I was glad that I didn't get tired of the cheese burgers and vegetables for the recommended color afternoon tea!

Afternoon tea menu

Of course you can bring it in!

The Senilcake was brought in by saying "I want to prepare something that imagined Cheering AD Day!"✨
You can also bring your ordered cake and your favorite food!


* Please note that the candle cannot be heated because the firearm is strictly prohibited.



■ Supporting advertising flow

Click here for the flow of support advertising.

📅Flow to posting ads
📅Specific schedule(Accepted until the posting of September 2024)

* When implementing Pasera's recommendation plan, please fill in the remarks column of the desired date of the recommended party and the desired Pasera store name. (There is no problem with consultation by e -mail after applying.)
* Room reservations and push -color menu decisions up to one week ago

We look forward to your inquiry!✨


■ In addition, new support advertisements have increased!

To commemorate the first anniversary of Cheeringad, in addition to outdoor visions in Pasera, new support advertisements such as interpretation advertisements in "Aeon Cinema", magazine ads at "JUNON", and handling overseas media are increasing!

For more information, on the 1st anniversary website!