Bilkin & PP Krit Celebration in Japan! Support advertisement



This is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
Today is a popular explosion in Thai drama!

Introducing actors and artists Bilkin Petipon and Pee Krit (Birkin & PP Crit) for the first time in Japan.

This summer, appearing on the SUMMER SONIC 2022 in Japan for the first time, and a long -awaited performance of fans was held.

◆ Celebration at the station signage near the live venue

In line with the live period, a 15 -second video was broadcast by fans at the signage before the JR Ebisu Station West Exit.

The screens of 3 pillars and 8 screens are highlights!

Since signage can insert multiple images in 15 seconds, you can broadcast plenty of the appeal of the push.

In addition, the signage "J / AD Vision" installed at JR East station stations flows every 6 minutes, so I am glad that there are many broadcasts per day.


◆ Interviews with fan groups

This time, the support advertisement was plannedBKPPPENGUINJP"We asked you about your congratulatory advertisements!

-What made you want to release a support advertisement?

Bilkin & PP Krit came to Japan for the first time in Japan, so we wanted to celebrate with Japanese fans and supported us.

The project with a large vision was already scheduled for other organizations, including the organization, so we asked the JEKI -support advertising secretariat, which is strong in station advertising, to support the posting of signage.

-What was the difficulty through planning?

This time, the period from the announcement of the visit to Japan to the implementation was short, and several projects were progressing at the same time, so it was difficult to grasp each schedule and exchange with each company.

Samersononi was on the 20th, and the solo live was a little time, so I thought I could do something according to each date, but finally requested to the JEKI support advertising secretariat. I was very sorry that it was just before the deadline.

We are very grateful for your support and prompt response.

-How did you actually implement the plan?

This time, I tried the station signage for the first time, but the one -week posting period was very attractive, and I was very grateful that I was able to do it at Ebisu Station, which was actually near the live venue.

Actually, it would have been nice if it could be held at the east exit of Ebisu Station, which is the closest to the venue, but from the start date, many fans went there, and the response was obtained from various places (surely reached them. I think it was good to do it.

At first, when I contacted the JEKI Supporting Advertising Secretariat, I did not tell the specific details, but I was glad that I received a suggestion that it was a live in Ebisu!

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

We will continue to support Bilkin & PP Crit from Japan.

I think that support advertisements for celebration such as birthdays will continue to consider the size and content, including cost -effectiveness, but it seems that the development of large visions will be mainly focused. 。

 Personally, the advertisements ( + GIVEAWAY in the vehicle) and the stations platform advertisements that are being carried out in Thailand have an impact (laughs).

In the future, I hope that in Japan, we will be able to make support advertisements by individuals and volunteers more easily.

In Thailand, cheering advertisements are the same as Korea, so the size of the advertisement is large!

We will do our best to make support ads familiar in Japan.

"BKPPPENGUINJP" posted a birthday advertisement for Bilkin in October following advertising to Japan.

At JR Shinjuku Station, the big size of B0 × 2 pieces is large! I am always grateful for your help.