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Now, the topic of "recommended activity"

"Progressive" was nominated for a new language and buzzword award in 2021.

Progressive activities are activities that support their own "push", and their objects vary from person to idols, anime characters, YouTuber, voice actors, actors, and athletes.

Concerts and real events have been forced to cancel due to prolonged corona, and the chances of meeting are reduced, and various things are restricted.

"I want to survive a melancholy life with the power of pushing"
"Because it's such a time, I want to support more!"

And the heat of the fans is increasing.

As shown in the words "I'm precious" and "I win the only thing", "pushing" is just the vitality of daily life.

Now that I can't meet directly
What kind of "pushing" are you doing?

From posts on hashtags such as " # recommended life" and " # life with a push" on SNS, you can learn about the recent activities.

#Acestagram #Life with Aqua

Until now, the acrylic stand (Acesta) was an interior decorated in the room.

Recently, I carry it when I go out and take a picture
Acesta, which can always feel the push close, is a must -have item.

# Birthday party without the person himself

Decorate with a balloon,
Handmade a birthday cake in charge of the push, and the birthday is a big event once a year.

There are also hotels and karaoke to prepare a birthday party plan for the recommended birthday party.

# Life with push

As the time of home increases, many photos are posted on the appearance of the room with goods, handmade goods, and the recommended colors.

By posting your own recommendation to SNS, you can interact with fans.
Appealing the appeal of the recommendation to the people around you also leads to missionary activities.

in this way,"Public relations activities" that actively advertise the push are also characteristic of recent pushing activities.is.

Trends related terms on SNS,
Fans are raising funds and advertising in the city on the birthday of the push,
Run a private train,
Broadcast advertisements all over Japan ...

Not a company, but an "cheering advertisement" that individuals advertise are now available in the city.

The push is just to the new stage.

What is a new recommendation activity "support advertisement"?

"Support advertisement" for fans to advertise
In Korea, it is a major culture, and advertisements for fans to celebrate idols and artists to celebrate the birthday of idols and artists are called Senil advertisements (Senil is the birthday in Korean).

In South Korea, there are advertisements to celebrate the recommended birthday in all media at the station where young people gather.

In the Seoul Subway, 20 % of the advertising business is supported, and advertising spaces such as "Mitsunari Station" and "Kodai entrance station" in the city of youth are filled with support advertisements to celebrate idol birthdays and debuts. It has been.

The cheering advertisement is posted by a fan group called "Fundam", unlike the fan club operated by the office, it is a fan group that gathered via SNS.
The feature of the support advertisement is that this "Fandom" is volunteer and posted money.

"I want to celebrate the push!"
"I want more people to know the push!"
It is a gift sent from fans to push the pure feeling as an ad as an advertisement.

It is also a way to let many people know about the push, but also to say, "There are so many fans."

The idol who was supported by the advertisement sends a message such as "Thank you for advertising" on SNS.

I sometimes go to the site by idols,

I think the support advertisement is a "new communication" between idols and fans.

Supported advertising examples in Japan

Along with the trend of "pushing", the support advertisement of fans is excited.

Introducing the latest cheering advertising examples of 2021!

■ April Japan's first! ? Sticky notes advertisement & Sushiro signage

The fans are familiar with the spectacle of putting a message on sticky notes, but this was the first (?) In Japan.

Click here for more information about sticky notes.

■ In the April -June audition program, an advertisement calling for a voting is full at Ikebukuro Station!

The second of the audition program, which triggered the popular advertisement, was held, and the cheering advertisements were even more exciting.

■ There are many advertisements celebrating the group debuted from the November audition program!

Many people went around their debut ads.

■ Jack deployment with high hurdles in November!

At the terminal station, a large station poster was also held, and it was developed that was conscious of the flow line.

■ You may be aware of December! ? Celebration advertisement near the event venue!

With the revival of real events, many advertisements were celebrated near the venue.

■ January New song release of performers of Japan -China -Korea audition programs in Japan!

It is one of the ways to tell you that you can support you from overseas, even if you cannot support the corona directly.

■ January It is not limited to Youtuber idol!

The only desire to support the push through cheering advertisements is not limited to idols.

There are only a few support advertisements introduced above.

In fiscal 2021, the holding of audition programs was combined, and support advertisements that convey their thoughts to the fans themselves and convey their thoughts were exciting as one of the new support methods.

In addition, there are posts not only in idols but also in various fields, and keep an eye on the trends in the future of support advertisements.

How to issue a support advertisement?

Cheering advertisements, whose individual units are advertisers, are still less familiar in Japan, and there are many railways and media companies that are difficult to post and coordinate.

In addition, there are many entertainment companies in Japan that do not support support advertisements in Japan due to copyright and portrait rights.

In Japan, it is necessary to check the rules of both the media company and the affiliated office.

1. Return to your office for support advertising.
We will tell your office when, where, where, and what kind of advertisement to post, and grant the advertisement.
Even if you use the recommended image, you need to permit the image.

2. To get approval as an organization to the media.
Transportation advertisements cannot be issued by individuals, and it is necessary to approve group screening.

In this way, in various advertisements, traffic advertisements with various regulations and rules have a high hurdle for individuals and in some cases.

In January 2022, the JR East Japan Project corresponds to support advertisements that are increasing year by year in Japan.
The new service "CHEERING AD" has been started full -scale.

In "Cheering AD",
Adjust with the media company instead of individuals who want to advertise,
Advertising mainly in public spaces such as stations, trains, and billboards in the Tokyo metropolitan area,
Decorating the inside of the store or preparing a special cup holder in a cafe in the city or in a commercial facility ...
It is possible to support in various forms.

In addition, we aim to connect the thoughts and entertainment companies on behalf of those who want to advertise and expand the base of support advertising.

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