Next to the poster! By all means, try the production of "J / AD Vision"!



Supported advertisement JR East JAD Vision

 Japan's support advertising culture is the best in the world!

Hi, this is Cheerado -chan.

Well, last week I got on Corona. Surprised. I heard that it is increasing, but ... I intend to be careful. Please be careful!

By the way, last time we talked about dreams. "Shinjuku Wall 456". The name is simple, 456 (45.6 meters vision) on the wall (wall) of Shinjuku Station.


It is possible to "shout love at the center of the world". JR East support advertisement "Complete" lifted.


If you've seen it, do you know that power? It's amazing, here.

The best in the world! ? I thought I would be able to shout love at Shinjuku Station.

But I noticed!

If you think calmly, you may think that you shouted love in Shinjuku Wall 456. "Well, I guessed too much ... yeah, what do you think?"

Last week, JR East's support advertising ban was too big that the ban was too big and I was so happy that I tended to dream. (But dream is important!) 

 Please try "J / AD Vision"!

I read "Jui / Aid / Bijon". This is also a simple origin, which means a vision of JR ("Ji" Auru) AD (what it means advertising in English). (There is no official origin, but it is definitely decided.)

By the way, this is not JR, but INIShibuya Station on the Keio Inokashira LineExamples of development in. There are many such visions at JR East stations.

For example, I want to make a nice material by combining many still images! If you have such a creative power, please come!

Happy birthday, combining many materials provided in 15 seconds! I tried to stack and move the letters of various designs. You can enjoy a different fun from a paper poster♪

And unlike the outdoor vision, it flows every 6 minutes from the first train to the last train, so there are many broadcasts! ! ! ! ! ! 

At Kaihin Makuhari Station, 54,000 yen! Of course, no printing costs are required!

Before the concert started, when I was meeting with my friends at the ticket gate at the station, if my J / AD vision I made there would flow there ...

It's already the best. I can cry.

Please take a look at the J-AD vision support case examples of fans at the K-POP event "KCON JAPAN 2023" held in May!

KCON's first celebration advertisement! Just b

 Today, we talked about the recommended "J / AD Vision" in the ban on the JR East support advertising!

Supported advertising JAD Vision

Click here!

Japan's support advertising culture is the best in the world!

I wonder what to write next time.