Celebrate near the live venue! Yuki Nakajima support advertisement!



I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
Introducing an artist Yuki Nakajima's support advertisement celebrating the 1st one -man live!

1st live celebration support advertisement

The venue was LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, and we talked about advertising near the venue!
In consideration of design and size, it was posted in Meiji Jingumae.
I think that posting a large poster has become an advertisement that will be noticed by more people!

In addition, the Tokyo Metro station has a high degree of freedom in design, so it is possible to carry a lot of feelings of fans.
Yuki Nakajima also has a certification shot before the live!
It seems that MC talked about support advertisements.

Interview with the planner

Planned fan group "Yukis and Yuki Nakano Celebration planI received a comment from everyone!
○ Why did you decide to release a support advertisement?
From these days, this time, this time, it was impossible to give a flower stand that was natural in live.
At the 1st live, which can be said to be the start of Yuki Nakajima's artist activity, I want to share my daily gratitude and support from Yukisuto (the general term for Yuki Nakajima's fans)! In the search, I came to know the existence of cheering advertisements and planned.

○ How is your impression of actually implementing the project?
In a tight schedule of about 2 months until the start of the posting, volunteer collection and design production,
That part was hard because I couldn't go without all the selection of the location.

I also learned that the design that I wanted to deliver to Yuki Nakajima has changed depending on the media company.
I learned a lot.

There were some difficulties,
When I saw a cheering advertisement full of thoughts on the first day of the post, I was very relieved that it was posted safely.

The sense of responsibility and pressure was amazing because it was a different scale from the usual flower stand and on a budget.

However, thanks to the volunteer Yukisu, I can only post it.

Not only those who participated, but
Those who came to know the existence of this project and went there
Above all, I am very happy that Yukiki himself went directly to see him while he was busy just before the live.

I'm really glad I posted a support ad.

○ What kind of support do you want to support in the future?
Yukki touched the support advertisement at the MC during the live
He talked about the warmth and splendor of Yukisu.

I think that the relationship between Yukki and Yukisu is as strong as others.

In order to respond to such Yukki's thoughts
Delivering the feeling of cheering as well as Yukisu
I hope to boost the stage where Yukki progresses.

Thank you for your hard work!

This time, I think it was very difficult because I put a big size and your message on the poster.

However, I think that the thoughts of the group became a shape and it was a project that could please many people.
It was a cheering advertisement that felt the connection between Nakajima and Yukisu!