There are plenty of this year! JO1 Ki Zhuya -kun Birthday Planning



I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat!

Today, I will introduce the birthday case of JO1 Kotoya Shoya -kun as soon as possible!
happy birthday.

We helped station advertisements in 47 prefectures nationwide, sticky notes advertisements and advertising in Nagoya!

table of contents

■ 47 prefectural station posters
■ Sticky notes advertisement in Ikebukuro
■ Advertising development in local Nagoya

■ 47 prefectural station posters

It has become a hot topic that the JO1 office official has issued station advertising in 47 prefectures in line with the promotion of the JO1 5th single.

This time, in the birthday project of Ki -kun,
We have been consulted and posted to issue an answer advertisement for the advertisement!

Released the project using the map code.

At the time of the office official, it was a little twisted release method, and the process of solving the mystery on SNS was also excited!

Since the posting is gradually starting, I'm looking forward to what kind of message will be completed after this!

■ Sticky notes advertisement in Ikebukuro

Last year, Japan's first? ! Sticky notes planned as.
In the same place, this year is also held.
I'm looking forward to it with more sticky notes than last year!

In addition, this year we will further upgrade and hold a cup holder event at Seibu Ikebukuro Station! Ikebukuro -only cup holder is very cute!

If you pay attention to the illustration of ① → ② → ③ according to MAP, you will enjoy it more!

■ Advertising development in local Nagoya

Continuing from last year, advertising in HISAYA CENTRAL VISION!

It is a place where the wood was visited by J-Log.
Don't forget to take a picture in the same place!

And this year, the development of advertising in Nagoya is even thicker!
Advertisement is also available at Square Vision!
It is a multi -face and impact signage.

This year's plenty of wooden birthday project!
Please enjoy the sticky notes on Saturdays and Sundays!

Click here for the article about the birthday project last year.

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