Celebration near the venue! Supported advertising broadcast reception starts at Saitama Super Arena!



It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

The number of live performances has increased recently,
I want to advertise near the live venue! I have also received frequent inquiries!
This time, it is now possible to post support advertisements at "Saitama Super Arena", so we will introduce it! !

◆ Tama Alivision

Large signage installed at the main gate of Saitama Super Arena!
It is a place where many people who have visited live can see it!

● Installation location: Saitama Super Arena C Gate
● Broadcast time: 8:00 to 20:00 (until the event is held until the end of the event)
● Screen size: Horizontal 15.9m x vertical 9m
● Specifications: 1 frame 15 seconds
● Period: 1 month (1st of every month)
● Vehicle type: Still image or video
● Remarks: The time to play the audio is in principle until 20:00, and the broadcast frame is 8 frames. Depending on the content of the event, there is a schedule that cannot be posted. Please contact us every time.



▶ ▷ Check the event schedule here!