Celebration nationwide! Nefrite supported advertisement



Hello. I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Introducing the birthday ads of former professional gamer/YouTuber Nefrite who celebrated your birthday in May!

I want to celebrate my birthday nationwide!

At first we received inquiries in Tokyo,
The posting area has expanded according to the crowdfunding situation that the group was doing!

All 13 prefecturesLarge development!

Nefrite himself responded to the advertising!

For details, check the note of the Nepherite Support Project♩

Interview with the planner

We received a comment from the planned "Nefrite Support Project".

-What did you decide to issue a support advertisement?

Why don't you present a Senil advertisement that is popular in Korea to celebrate Nephrite's birthday last year?
It was the same Nefrite fans' friends.

At that time, in Japan, Senil advertising itself was not a major, and I contacted a lot of advertising agencies, but it was almost refused because individual organizations could not trade.

Meanwhile, a distributor who accepts it even for individual groups has been found, and it has been successfully posted a poster at Otando Station.

Last year it was a plan with over a dozen people, so
This year, I came to this year because I wanted to excite my birthday with more Nefrite fans.

-Did you have any difficulties and difficulties through planning?

First of all, the hard work is collecting funds.
I thought it would be difficult to receive funds directly in the connection on SNS, so I decided to do crowdfunding.

Nobody had knowledge of crowdfunding, so
Participated in online briefing sessions on various sites, etc., we decided the site after understanding the merits and demerits.

This time, the operation was quite small than last year, so
This was quite difficult, such as participating in the briefing sessions and meeting late at night when everyone gathered.

Meanwhile, the crowdfunding I started was really impressed with the support that exceeded expectations!

If the amount you receive, you can develop posters nationwide!
I was pleased, but I had to find an agent in 13 prefectures, I knew from last year's experience that searching for an agency was the most difficult, so I thought this would be a big task. 。

Among the inquiries, JEKI's response was quick to respond to the meeting at ZOOM.
In addition, we decided to ask them to post ads at visions and railway companies nationwide.

I was really saved because I thought I had to interact with the agency x 15 companies. I was really lucky to meet JEKI! Thank you!

What was hard was the poster design.
The commercial elements are needed more, and the description of the QR code is NG, so it is NG.
I had to change the design depending on each station, but the design staff did my best.

In addition, the map showing the posting position also had copyright, so I had to draw it myself, so I drew a map by dividing it, but this was also a very difficult task.

-How did you actually implement the project?

When the posting of vision advertisements and poster advertisements begins,
Thanks to the spread of information to many fans, the information spread quickly,
We had many people actually visited the site and took photos and videos.

Some of them wanted to see their vision ads live, so I was surprised that some people came to Tokyo on an airplane just for this purpose.

Since I was making a hashtag dedicated to advertising, looking at the tag was worth my daily life (laughs).

I was able to respond to Nefrite on Twitter, and I think it was a great success because I was able to convey the love of my fans!

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

It is undecided what to do as an organization in the future,
I hope that each shape will continue to support Nefrite for a long time.

I think that posting multiple areas was very difficult. In particular, thank you for the fine adjustment of the design part!
Thank you very much for the project!

I am also during the posting period
#Neflight -san's birthday advertisement 2022
I was checking!

So, everyone was watching advertisements in live distribution,
I was surprised to see the advertising tour online for the first time!

 Even if it is a real station poster nationwideEven online by live distributionIt was a support advertising project that many people enjoyed!