Congratulations at the birthplace station with all your might! Popular voice actor Riko Ohara's birthday advertisement




Hello. JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Introducing the birthday advertisement of Riko Ohara, a voice actor who celebrated his birthday on February 3rd!

Celebrate even at birthplace !!

It was posted at Akihabara Station in Tokyo and two at Gifu Station in Gifu Prefecture, which is also a birthplace for Ohara. Not only Akihabara, but on February 3rd on the day of your birthday, a bus tour to travel to Gifu with Mr. Ohara will be held as a birthday event, and more fans are posted at Gifu Station. It was an advertisement that would be pleased!

What a nice! Response from the person

Ohara -san himself took a thank -you post, and took a picture in front of the advertisement at Gifu Station! Also, since the design of each person from the people who participated in the cheering advertisement this time is in the design, I am very happy that the celebration of the celebration is clearly conveyed!

The station advertisement may be the reason why the fans, of course, are easy to visit!

Interview with planning organizations

"Riko Ohara's full -power support project", who was implemented this project, commented.

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?
I want to celebrate Riko Ohara's birthday with many people. Among them, I chose a station advertisement that I had not yet issued from Riko Ohara's fans.

-What was the difficulty through planning?
There were many things that could not be announced, such as the announcement time and the contents, and the thorough rules for the project members who participated were the most difficult. That point was saved because the members who trusted the fans were gathering.

-How did you actually implement the project?
Riko Ohara himself also posted images in the picture with the station advertisement, and many people responded on SNS, and I thought again that it was good to implement it. There were many things I couldn't understand in the first station advertising project, but the JEKI support advertising secretariat carefully answered the questions and helped me.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?
I would like to support Riko Ohara so that it will be pleased.
I hope to celebrate next year on my birthday.

"Fans"build upThe cheering advertisement is what you can do.
I think there are some difficult parts, but the happiness of the person and the fans on SNS, etc. is many times the joy! The JEKI support advertising secretariat will support the difficult parts.

Congratulations on your birthday Riko Ohara!
And thank you again for helping you with the support advertisement.