Celebrate in your hometown! Last idol Aimi Ozawa's birthday advertisement



 I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
Introducing the birthday of the last idol Aimi Ozawa, who celebrated your birthday in April!

Celebrate with the station poster in your hometown

It was very noticeable with a poster with a large photo of the person.

This photo was taken by fans during the live!

The posting position is particularly particular, and the fan group actually visited and decided on this position.

I think that many people could see it in an area with many people who show photos.

In addition, immediately after the posting was started, Ozawa himself was taking a certification shot in front of the poster.

Interview with the planner

Planned fan group"Aimi Ozawa Birth Committee 2022"We received comments from everyone!

○ Why did you decide to release a support advertisement?

-I wanted to celebrate the birthday of the supporting idol in a special form.
At a local station, I decided to go to see it, and I decided to be a support advertisement, as it would be an opportunity for people in the city to know more about Ozawa -san.

○ How is your impression of actually implementing the project?

-The period from permission to the office to poster delivery was short, and the schedule adjustment was difficult.
Nevertheless, thanks to the person in charge carefully responded, I was able to carry it smoothly to the post.

Not only the fellow of the same support group, but also many friends, such as friends, "I saw the ad! ! ].

I actually went to see it, but I was able to post it in a very beautiful and prominent place.
A passerby said, "What poster? I was very impressed to see the ad, and I realized the impact of support advertising.

Above all, I was very happy that Aimi Ozawa was pleased as soon as he posted an ad and went to see it immediately.
I thought it was really nice to implement this project.

○ What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

-I want to give back to Aimi Ozawa, who always smiles and energetic to everyone. I will support you all the time!
Thank you very much this time!
Thank you for your compliment.
It's so nice that I want to celebrate in a special way, and I'm really happy that I was able to support it!