The station Maruto Jack! Hinatazaka 46 Yuka Kageyama's birthday advertisement


Idol support advertisement Hyugazaka 46


Hello! I am a trainee of JEKI support secretariat.

Today is5Month8day22Hinata -zaka is old46 Introducing Yuka Kageyama's birthday advertisement.

Jack Azabu Juban Station!

At Azabu Juban Station, where Hyugazaka is located, the last birthday that Mr. Kageyama welcomes as an idol176It was celebrated by the name!

A wonderful illustration!


Interview with planning organizations 

Of the fan groups that implemented this project Kageppapo Committee I received a comment from Mr.!

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement? 

Yuka Kageyama's graduation was announced, and while all the fans were shocked, I decided to make a support advertisement to enliven the birthday festival as an idol.

-What was the difficulty through planning?

In the early days, I wanted to go out in Kameido, but I just looked for another place without the advertisement. In addition, the amount increased, and it was very difficult to adjust the budget.

-How did you actually implement the project? 

As Azabu Juban Jack, I was able to post it with Yuka Kageyama's illustration, and I received a lot of reactions on the net, so I was very happy to work hard for four months.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future? 

I hope we can give birth festivals and live celebrations for idols.


The station jack has an impact!

It was an advertisement that strongly conveyed the thoughts of the fans because he graduated from Kageyama.

"The Kageppapo Committee has posted a lot of cheering advertisements, including advertisements for celebrating concerts at Hinatazaka 46.I am always grateful for your help!

If you want to give a cheering ad, we look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us.