Celebrate live concerts with cheering advertisements!


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Hello! JEKI support advertising secretariat.

In 2023, the live concert was held like Coronona, and I'm really happy ... crying

Today, we will introduce examples of fans who posted cheering ads as a celebration of live concerts!

I think there are many people who give out celebration flowers and frusta, but in fact, the number of fans celebrating the live concert with support advertisements is increasing!

There are many advertisements that are posted for a week, so not only on the day of the live, you can enhance your feelings in advance, and even after watching the ad, you can see the advertisement and immerse yourself in the lingering lingering. You can also enjoy the cheering advertising tour on the day!

And and! It can also be triggered by cheering advertisements to know the live and let many people know the charm of pushing! ?


It is recommended not only to the nearest venue, but also to a terminal station, and it is recommended to go to a place where many people gather!

📍In Tokyo

Driving on Adtrack in Shibuya in line with the live performance at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA!
* You can drive outside Shibuya. Please consult us.

Celebrates live at Ariake Arena not only in the nearest venue but also in all 5 cities!




Congratulations on two locations: Yokohama Station and Minato Mirai Station in conjunction with KT Zepp YOKOHAMA!

Click here for recommended advertisements at Minato Mirai Station!


* The rules of the medium may not be able to announce the event with some ads.

Celebrate the first Kyocera Dome solo live with a large vision at Osaka Station!



Celebrate the live performance at Aichi Sky EXPO Hall with a large banner ad at Meitetsu Chubu International Airport Station!

Click here for recommended ads in the Nagoya area



Celebrate the live performance at Sekisui Heim Super Arena with a digital signage advertisement at JR Sendai Station!


Celebrate the live performance of Marine Messe Fukuoka at JR Hakata Station!


Let's excite the city with the live event♪

Click here to search and apply for advertisements!

The "Cheering AD Online" site handles various advertisements throughout Japan.

Click here!

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