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nice to meet you! I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

The first theme is"What is support advertising? New support that reaches the push"is.

By the way, have you ever seen an advertisement for idols such as "Please vote" or "Happy Birthday" while walking around the station? This ad was called "support advertisement", but in Japan, it has begun to increase gradually in the winter of 2019 and has been posted regularly.

I usually work as an advertising advertising baying staff, but I also focus on posting support advertising! I have posted a support advertisement in my private life, and I wanted to support those who have the same thoughts, so I started this task.

I would be grateful if you could be interested in cheering ads through this blog.
It's just the second year of working adults, but please come together.

Is it natural in Korea? What is support advertising?

Currently (2021.5.25), which is writing (2021.5.25), there are many support advertisements at Ikebukuro and Shinjuku Station.

This cheering advertisement is originally a major culture in Korea, which supports idols and artists, and is also called Senil advertising (Senil is a Korean birthday). In Korea, there are advertisements celebrating their birthdays * on all media in stations where young people gather.

* In this series, the idols and artists to support are described as "push".

In the Seoul subway, support advertisements account for 20 % of the advertising business.
I often traveled to Korea before Corona, but advertising spaces such as "Mitsunari Station" and "Kodai Station" in the youth town have been filled with support advertisements to celebrate idol's birthday and debut. Ta.

Cheering advertisements are often posted by organizations called "Fundam". Unlike fan clubs, "Fandom" is a group of fans gathered via SNS. 。

It is a gift from fans, so to speak, the pure feeling of "I want to celebrate the push!" "I want more people to know!"

It is also a way to let many people know about the push, but also to say, "There are so many fans."

The idol who was supported by the advertisement sent a message such as "Thank you for advertising" on SNS, and the idol himself went to the site himself, so the support ad was a "new communication" between idols and fans. I think it's a figure.


Up to that? ! Introducing support advertising examples!

Here are some examples of domestic and overseas support advertisements sent from Fundam. In some cases, you will not be able to subside in the form of "posting an ad"!


1. Standard support ads

The most common cheering advertisement is to post it in advertising media such as visions in stations and streets. From one station poster to a large vision, post a message from Fandom to push in all advertising media.

It is also possible to post an advertisement by jumping over the country, such as Chinese Fandam in Korea and Japan, and Japanese Fandam to South Korea.

In China, large -scale signage and drone show on the whole building, and in the United States, such as Times Square, have been supported.

2. Cuphol event

It is an event that creates a cup holder with a photo or illustration and distributes it at a cafe. Make a pyramid tower with a cup holder or decorate the store with balloons.

This is the situation when it was implemented at the LUMINE Eest shop. Decorated in the store in light purple according to the member color. There were many reports on SNS that "I went"!

Various types of cap hols are placed in the cafe, so tours around Caphol are also an annual event.


3. Donation activity

It seems that some people raise funds with the name of the recommendation as the name.

Donations may help society and help you feel good. This activity that can contribute to society through the support of idols is very nice!


4. A little unusual gift

This may no longer be "advertisement" ...

It seems that some people give the land of overseas castles or give the moon land ...!
The land of the moon is no longer a space -level gift beyond the earth!



Why did support advertisements begin to increase?

We mentioned that domestic support advertisements have gradually increased around the winter of 2019 and have been posted regularly, but this has triggered.

It is an audition program.

This is a Japanese version of a popular Korean large audition program that determines the debut member by voting by fans from among the candidates. In the audition, the program officially acknowledged the candidate support advertisement, and provided a photo of a candidate for advertising.

The points to be aware of when posting support advertisements include intellectual property rights such as copyright and portrait rights, but since the program officially acknowledged the advertisement, anyone could release support advertisements. Ta.

In addition, traffic advertisements are often NG to post them individually, but they have been recognized as one of the groups by accumulating Fundam -led support activities.

Transportation advertisements are posted in public spaces, so they need to be screened, but the number of track record has increased, and the number of railway companies that allow support advertisements has increased.

The cheering advertisement is "a new support that reaches the push"


◇ What is support advertising? Gifts that form a pure feeling from fans to push
◇ The origin of the cheering advertisement is Korean Senil advertisement

At present, as the track record has increased in Japan, the recognition has expanded, and the number of advertising agencies that support support advertisements is increasing, making it easier to post it.

In the next article, we will explain the procedure until the posting, with the theme of "how to put out a support ad"! Please take a look here too!