How to put out a cheering advertisement? I asked experienced people about the flow to posting!


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Hello! I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

FirstThen, I explained what "support advertisement" is.
If you haven't read it yet, please take a look!

This time, which is the second time, Storecla, who has actually posted support advertising for those who want to give a cheering advertisement for pushing, but do not know how to put it out ...@JO1andMe1211), Interviewed how to put out the cheering ads and the preparation you did to post!

If you want to give a cheering ad, "station poster" is recommended

Kobayashi: Immediately, what kind of support did Stakura actually have?

Stakura: I posted a B0 -sized station poster at Shinjuku Station to celebrate the first anniversary of the idol group. There are about 4 to 5 members who have become the center. We decided on the role of collecting money, design clerk, SNS, and most of the necessary preparations for posting support advertisements! The preparation period is about a month and a half.

This is the point!

There are various types of support advertisements, but among them, station posters are relatively low because there are many cases of posting support advertisements in the past. It is especially recommended for those who offer support advertisements for the first time!

Click here for station poster! You can also search from the area you want to put out. 

First of all, let's gather members who offer support advertisements together!

Kobayashi: The central members were 4-5, how did they gather?

Stakura: I called on SNS! Until then, some people met directly to someone who knew on SNS, or spoke for the first time. Some of the members live in Tohoku and have never met.

This is the point!
There are many necessary tasks and procedures, such as selecting posting places, collecting money, managing SNS, and producing poster design.
First of all, let's call on SNS and gather friends with the same feeling of "I want to support you!"

Let's decide where to post!

Kobayashi: What did you first do after the members who posted support ads together?

Stakura: I actually went to the station and went to see where I wanted to make a cheering advertisement. The purpose was to decide the location, and the purpose was to increase the motivation for posting support advertising, "I want to get it here!" I was excited to imagine, "I might get my support advertisement here ..."!

Kobayashi: It's very important to go to see and check the atmosphere! There are many fans taking pictures of support advertisements, so I want to avoid places where there are too many people and it is difficult to take pictures, but I am lonely where people do not pass, and choosing a place is one of the important tasks. 。

This is the point!
There are places at the station where you can give support advertisements and places where you can not. Even if you want to make a cheering advertisement here, you need to check if it is a place where you can post support ads.
If you contact the advertising agency, you can check if support advertisements can be posted in that place (it may be a good idea to ask if there are any other recommended places!).
HP of "Cheering AD"All advertisements listed in the support advertisement can be posted! 

Let's talk to an advertising agency

Kobayashi: Did you have any problems while deciding where to post it?

Stakura: I didn't know which company to consult to get a support ad. I thought that I would contact a railway company to advertise to the station, but after asking people who have experienced other support advertisements, I learned that they would contact the advertising agency for the first time. Ta.

Kobayashi: The advertisements at the station are often managed by advertising agencies separately from railway companies. The advertising agency will tell you about the advertising fees and the necessary procedures in the place you want to post, so if you want to give a support advertisement, it may be a good idea to first check which advertising agency to consult. yeah.

This is the point!
If you tell the advertising agency that you want to give a support advertisement, you will be able to tell you what you need to prepare for advertising fees, procedures required for posting.

In addition, traffic advertisements such as station posters have different posting rules for each railway company or detailed rules, so it is recommended to consult with an advertising agency that handles a lot of traffic ads in order to proceed smoothly. is!

Collect the posting costs!

Kobayashi: If the place to post is decided, and if you consult with an advertising agency, the details are solidified, I think you have to collect money to buy an advertising slot, but how do you collect money? Or just below?

Stakura: Collection was really hard ... In order to collect the target amount, we recruited investors on SNS on a daily basis, and used PayPay and LINE Pay in addition to bank transfer so that various people can deposit. You also used PayPal so that you can transfer from overseas.

Kobayashi: You were devised in various ways to gather investors.

Stakura: Yes, I thought that many other returns would be able to participate in many people, so if you have invested, you've given a privilege that you can put a handwritten message in the support advertisement! With the cooperation of the members, we managed to collect the target amount.

This is the point!
It is this collection part that everyone is bothered by issuing support advertisements.

It has been devised in various ways, such as calling for fans' communities on SNS, collecting money using crowdfunding. Especially in recent years, like Stakura, it seems that he often collects money using electronic money such as PayPay to reduce commissions. (You may be worried about exchanging money between individuals without a company, etc., but this is based on the trust of fans!).

Let's create a support advertising design

Kobayashi: Did you ask the designer or illustrator design for the support advertisement?

Stakura: The design was created within the members. I asked fans who are good at painting for the illustrations to be posted on the ad, and I was in charge of the composition other than the illustration. However, I was working after I came home after work, so it was quite difficult ... I was impatient about whether it would be in time for the deadline, but I was able to complete it safely.

Kobayashi: Everything was handmade by fans! I think it was really hard to sew between work ...

This is the point!
There is no problem with the design of the advertisement!

Also, after the design is completed, it is necessary to receive a screening by the railway company. In this screening, in addition to the design in accordance with the rules (eg, the QR code can not be posted, the QR code is included), such as "advertising name (group name)" and "contact information". You will also see what kind of people will post. As a result of the screening, it is possible that the design must be changed significantly, so it is recommended to consult with an advertising agency and make it with plenty of time!

Ask the printing company to print an advertisement

Kobayashi: The decision to post the posting, collecting the posting costs, purchasing advertising slots, and producing design, but the next is the print of the station poster to be posted.

Stakura: That's right. The printing company also looked for it and asked. The last completed poster was delivered to the place where the advertising agency guided to the advertising agency, and the preparation was finally completed!

Kobayashi: That support advertisement was posted after overcoming various hardships. By the way, how was the response?

Stakura: I was very happy to have the reaction on SNS, "I've seen it!"

Kobayashi: It's also the appeal of support advertising that fans can be connected. I think it was really hard because it was full of things for the first time. Thank you for telling us today!

This is the point!
Mr. Stakura was asked to print a poster, but it is also possible to ask an advertising agency according to the budget. In addition, the advertising agency will tell you where and how long you have to deliver the printed posters, so I think it is better to consult while consulting!

Summary: It is recommended to consult an advertising agency for the time being!

From a fan's point of view, how to post support advertisements!
(This time, the station poster was introduced, but the rough flow is the same when advertising in other forms.)

To give support ads, decide on a place, collect money, and make designs.
There are many things you need to prepare.

I think it is difficult to proceed while checking what is needed, what to start with, so if you want to give a support advertisement, I work at an advertising agency. What ... First of all, please contact the JEKI support advertising secretariat!

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