Message for your thoughts on pushing! "Sticky notes advertisement"



 I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.
This time, we will introduce "sticky notes" that can deliver messages to the recommendation!

What is sticky notes?

What is sticky notes?

It is a sticky notes that fans celebrated the birthday of idols.

In South Korea, the sight of fans put a message on a sticky note on support advertisements, but in Japan, there is a possibility that sticky notes may fall and scattered, and the contents of the message cannot be confirmed. There was a hurdle up to.

This time,
・ Use strong sticky notes that can be used outdoors
・ To regularly patrol the staff
We were able to implement it under such conditions.

I will fill out the message of my feelings on the sticky note and paste it on the poster.

Many sticky notes that gradually filled up in the posters were colorful and stopped by station users other than fans.

This time, Ikebukuro was implemented with multiple railways.

And it was a poster board in the ticket gate, so I announced the guidance and precautions in advance.

All these announcements are handmade by fans!

Participant interview

 The fans who actually participated in this project received their impressions!

First of all, I was surprised and impressed that I could advertise sticky notes in Japan.

I've always liked KPOP, so when I went to Korea, I've seen an idol's birthday advertisement filled with a large number of sticky messages, but in Japan, like Korea, a message on sticky notes. This was the first time to see a type of advertisement that can be written and pasted.

Unlike just a birthday advertisement, the fans wrote and pasted a message on their own, and it was very fresh and fun to feel like creating a single ad.

Also, it was a nice thing for me as a fan that my favorite idol was attracting attention because it was the first sticky advertisement in Japan!

When I actually went to put a sticky note, everyone passed by was looking at the advertisements and wrote a message on a sticky note to those who didn't seem to know him, and this triggered a new fan. I also felt the possibility of connecting to. If you have such an opportunity, I would like to participate!

Planger interview

Next, we talked to the fan groups who planned JO1 Kotoyuki Shoya -kun's birthday advertisement!

 I wanted to do something this time because I wanted to do something in the world, so I wanted to do something this time.

Until now, I have supported various idols, but this is the first group that can support fans, such as submitting support advertisements and distributing cup holders. I thought it would be nice to be able to do something to enliven the supporting groups and to enhance my experience.

While I was working every day, it was the hardest thing that I had to do support advertising. It was difficult to keep the schedule because various people were involved.

However, I was happy to have been planning a sticky note and given many people with sympathy, gratitude, and joy. Because it is a participation type, many people can realize the joy of planning and the joy of participation, and you can actually see messages from various people, so you can convey more thoughts than ordinary advertisements. I thought it was.

I want to continue to support JO1 at my own pace. I hope that more support advertisements will be major and more companies can cooperate.