"In -car jack" who wants to run a recommended train



Hello. This is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

I want to run a recommended train!

If you are a fan, everyone dreams.

In Korea and China, we often see "in -car jacks" and "wrapping trains" to celebrate their birthdays.

In fact, you can run the trains in Japan!

This time, I will introduce Japan's first train "in -car jack".

◆ Japan's first! The recommended train

November 2021 A train to celebrate the idol's birthday has appeared.

No matter where you look!
It is filled with the whole vehicle.

This was posted by volunteer fan groups.

Fans are all designed for poster design in the car.

One of the birthday gifts prepared by the fan group is "Odaiba Palette Town Large Ferris wheel".
"Jack in the car" was held on the Yurikamome Line, which is the path of Odaiba.

A celebration message board also appears at Shimbashi Station, the first point of Yurikamume!

B0 size 10 consecutive! There are many messages from many fans in such a huge size.

For the first time in Japan, it was a "in -car jack" by fans, so information was lifted on SNS and it became a hot topic!

Also, on the day of the idol's birthday, the first manned live was held, so fans from all over Japan gathered, and the "advertising tour" was overflowing on SNS.

◆ What is the difference between organization and vehicle?

~ A little bit of trains here ~

The sales unit of the jack in the car is often written as "○ formation ○ vehicle". Do you know the difference between "formation" and "vehicle"?

The train is counted as one train = one train.
(Usually, it is closer to call a vehicle a "car".)

Yurikamome, which I introduced earlier, is "1 train 6 vehicles", so
One (one train) on the operated train is "the recommended train is running".

In the case of "jack in the car", it is jacked on any vehicle (car), but please be careful because not all the operated trains are "jacked in the car".

If you happened to encounter a recommended train ...
It's just destined
I can only say that!


◆ In -car advertising

In addition to "in -car jack", you can celebrate the recommendation with "in -car advertisement".

This is the "in -car advertisement" posted on the Okinawa Yui Rail, the hometown of the recommendation.

"In -car advertisement" is posted in one vehicle, so the sales unit will be "sheet".

Even if you get on the train (car) of the train that comes in front of you, one piece is always posted.

In this way, you can issue cheering advertisements not only on stations and towns, but also on trains.