[Posted until May 19th] Shinjuku 3-chome is hot! "New York Official Channel" support advertisement




Hello! This is Kawahara from the Jeki support advertising office.

Right now! It's becoming a hot topic on SNS! !We would like to introduce you to our support advertisements.

New York Shimasa Gundan advertisement appears on Shinjuku 3-chome

A poster posted at Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Sanchome Station on May 13th this week.

Posts from people who happened to be passing by became a hot topic on X (formerly Twitter).

Since the following day, May 14th, is Shimasa's birthday in New York, we received many comments such as ``Senil ad lol?!'' ``This is the first time I've seen a comedian do it'' and ``I want to go take a photo.'' .

The truth is...on the "New York Official Channel"!

The whole story was revealed on the "New York Official YouTube Channel" which was uploaded on the night of May 13th!

Anyway, everyone! First of all, check out YouTube right now! ! ! (loud)

As soon as YouTube was released, it became a hot topic with people saying, ``I want to go see the support advertisement for the Shimasa Corps!'', ``I want to take pictures!'', and ``It looks like a message video from the Shimasa Corps!''.

The following day, May 14th, a support advertisement and an authentication shot of the two were released at Shimasa-san and Yashiki-san's X in New York.

Fans commented on Shimasa's post, such as "Was that a selfie lol" and "Self support ads are so funny!" lol

Also posted by Shimasa Corps!

Cheering Thank you for introducing his ad (contains spoilers)

There are some spoilers from here, so if you haven't watched it yet, please watch it on YouTube first!

Dear "New York Official Channel", thank you for using Cheering Ad.

What is a support advertisement? I was really impressed by how he carefully explained everything on YouTube, including how to choose and buy support ads!

It was so precious to see the two from New York and the Shimasa Corps actually going to see the advertisement!
It's so cute to see everyone so happy and the real situation is conveyed in the video rather than the authentication shot!

I was surprised to find a video exclusive to those who actually went to see Shinjuku 3-chome, from YouTube to reality. Truly a cross-media development.

All of the authentication shots posted by fans on SNS were posted with the QR code properly hidden, just as New York said, and I thought there was a wonderful relationship between New York and the fans.

Supporting advertisements will be displayed at Shinjuku Sanchome Station, the home of Yoshimoto Kogyo's headquarters, until Sunday, May 19th!

Please see YouTube for details on posting locations.

If you are even slightly interested in supporting advertisements, please leave it to Cheering Ads to obtain permission for your favorite agency. Please feel free to contact us.