From Japan to China, Suue Louichi's support advertisement



I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

We helped Sue Louichi's support advertising, who appeared on Japan -China -Korea Survival Audition programs.

At first, I contacted the advertisement at Yotsuya Station, where Sue Louichi's office is located, to deliver the desire to make a debut in Japan, but with the hot support of the fans, a wide range for six months. It was developed in!

And to the end of the project, you will post an advertisement to Sue Louichi's debut day!

Many fans could see it.

6 Seeing ads in the area

○ Osaka

○ Tokyo

○ Yotsuya

○ Hakata

○ Nagoya

○ Shibuya

Interview with the planner

Planned fan group Suruiqi JP Fanbase♠ Louichi Japanese fan base We received comments from everyone!

○ Why did you decide to release a support advertisement?

-I had dropped out of the Girlsplanet999 (Japan -China -Korea Idol Audition Program), but I wondered if the world was popular and the popularity of Japan, and I managed to get a debut in Japan.

○ How is your impression of actually implementing the project?

-It was a big deal, but I was very impressed to see where it was posted.
Fans around the world were pleased, and I was happy to reach myself in Indonesia and China's Weibo.

○ What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

-I made a debut in Japan, so next time I would like to support all the fans so that they can have events and concerts in Japan.

Thank you very much for the long -term project!
I think it was such a big development with the hot support of the fans.

To conclude the project, many fans could see it on the day of the Japanese debut, which was the purpose of the project.

Even in Japan, it is wonderful that the fans and fans around the world are shared and exciting due to the connection between fans!

I'm really looking forward to Louichi's success in the future.