Introducing recommended advertisements and Senil advertisements in Shibuya!


Shibuya support advertisement


"Shibuya", where many people gather for play, sightseeing, and enjoying! !

There are many live venues and CD shops, so it's an indispensable place for "pushing"!

This time, I would like to introduce a support advertisement / Senil advertising medium that can be posted!


■ Posted in Shibuya Station!

[J ・ AD Vision Shibuya Station Hachiko Gate]

Actually, you can post other than the station poster!

I want to appeal to the appeal of the video! I also recommend J / AD Vision at the JR Shibuya Station "Hachiko" ticket gate.


Since it flows every 6 minutes, there are many broadcasts per day!

 If you are worried about J. AD Vision, please take a look at this article.

Next to the poster! By all means, try the production of "J / AD Vision"!

[Tokyu B0 Poster]

It is not an exaggeration to say that the cheering advertisement is posted every week, Tokyu B0 poster!

  Development of B0 × 2

It is also possible to develop B0 × 4 with more impact!

It seems that all members can be lined up and various expressions can be done!

[Keio Shibuya Shibuya Super 10/Shibuya K-DG Wave A area]

I also want to have an impactful development at Shibuya Station! What is

"Keio Shibuya Shibuya Super 10" where 10 B0 posters can be posted

Check out the "Shibuya K-DG Wave A Area" that is familiar to idol promotions!

■ Posted in the city of Shibuya!

[Magnet by shibuya109 Big Board Photo Spot Plan]

 Immediately from Shibuya Station! It looks perfect from the scrambled intersection,Did you know that support ads can be posted on the first floor of "Magnet by Shibuya109"?

 In this location, it is also possible to implement a "sticky notes advertisement". (Costs, etc. separately)

SHIBUYA TUTAYA and Tower Records are nearby, so it's a perfect place for release!


[Glycobision/109 Forum Vision]

This is also right from the Shibuya scramble intersection! The charm of the push is conveyed perfectly with the video and sound!

[LED Vision Adtrack]

 Familiar with CD releases, etc., you can also support advertisements in Adtrack!

 We recommend not only your birthday celebration, but also a release celebration and a live day on the day.

In addition, the advertisement in ShibuyaHerefrom

We look forward to your inquiry!

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