2nd anniversary of celebration! "Black fairy who forgets a dream craftsman" support advertisement 1




Hello. JEKI support advertising secretariat.

This time, since the distribution start on February 17, 2022, the popular app game that has attracted many fans "Dream craftsman and a black fairy @yumekuro_infoIntroducing a supported advertising example of "Yumukuro"!

Commemorative support advertisement No. 1

After starting support reception in December last year, a large number of Yumukuro fans gathered, and at JR Meguro Station for 7 days from February 23, 2024 (Friday) to February 29 (Thu).Poster to be the first support advertisementWas posted!

This is a picture of the actual poster👇

And the reports from the fans have been supported one after another!
It is transmitted that Yumikuro is loved by many people.

I was working on the illustrationFour seasons MitsubaMr. Miss.
Usually, pretty Meisters were drawn very cute♪


Interview with planning organizations

We received a comment from "Yumikuro Support Advertising Planning" who was implemented this project.

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?
There was an announcement from the management that I could give a support advertisement at the 2nd anniversary of Yumikuro, and I wanted to commemorate it.

-What was the difficulty through planning?
Since there was no time until the application deadline, it was difficult to share information because I was searching for those who would draw illustrations and listening to the opinions of the participants.

-How did you actually implement the project?
At first, I was worried about whether it would be in time for the deadline or a budget, but when I saw the actual finished one directly, I was glad I planned it.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?
I would like to continue to convey fun, happy things, and what I feel. Also, when I can go to the site, I hope that you can enjoy it and enjoy it. If you have the opportunity, I would like to use the opportunity for supporting advertising again.

It was a poster filled with the love of everyone who participated because the opinions of other participants were also taken in. Thank you very much!
I thought it was very nice to say, "I want to convey fun, happy things, and what I feel."The only thing that can be conveyed "what you feel" is in a way that is firmly shaped.Cheering ADBut there is.

I am very pleased that I was able to cooperate with the memorable advertisement of this first. I sincerely hope that the "dream world" will continue to be excited! Once again, congratulations on the 2nd anniversary!