Birthday advertisement of music therapist / fruityist Ayane Ohno



Hello. I'm Kobayashi of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Introducing the birthday advertisement of Ayane Ohno, a music therapist, who celebrated his birthday in June!

I want to be near the concert venue

I want to post it at the Shinjuku Cultural Center for the Birthday Concert! I received an inquiry.

We are particular about the posting position, considering the flow line from each station to the venue of Shinjuku Sanchome Station and Higashi -Shinjuku Station!

Ayane Ohno was also visiting advertising🌿

Interview with planning organizations

We received a comment from the planned "Shirokuma Corporation".

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?

In an era where "like" is connected through SNS, it is difficult to see anything other than interest.

I hope that Ayane -san will make a point of contact with those who live and live in this area by advertising to the nearest station of the venue according to the important concerts that will be the culmination of music activities. I did it.

Rather than attracting concerts, there is a person named Ayane Ohno, and I wish I could know that I would do a birthday concert near here.

Also, Ayane's concerts have fans from all over the country, so I thought there would be something that I could look forward to for the concerts.

-What was the difficult and difficult thing through planning?

It was my first time to issue a cheering advertisement, but the JEKI support advertising secretariat was very careful, so I was able to proceed smoothly.

The most difficult thing was the design and the content of the poster.

As for the design, it would be nice if Ayane -san's transparent healing atmosphere would be felt, so chose a green for the whole image, and put the name of the name remained in the memory of the person who caught his eyes. Ta.

When I wrote what I wanted to convey, it became quite long, but Ayane's charm is all working hard on various activities, so I put it all on it without trying to put it together. 。

-How did you actually implement the project?

Someone who went to the site on the day of the posting, those who went around two stations and went around the poster, said that they had seen today at the concert venue, and were surprised at the response than expected.
Above all, I was glad that Ayane was very pleased. Thank you to everyone who visited us.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

Ayane Ohno is a student -certified music therapist, while working at hospitals, after -school day services, and facilities for the elderly, and is also active as a fruity.

Many people gather to listen to the gentle tone of Ayane's flute for the performance and distribution at 17live. He is a delicate, gentle, and attractive person who values ​​his fans. It seems to be solid, and I also love the natural places where I accidentally get on the train and go to the airport.

I hope that the circle of fans who support Ayane will be even more and more.

○ I want Ayane Ohno to be happy!
○ I want to create a point of contact with people who are working and living
○ I want you to enjoy going back and forth of the concert
It was a wonderful project that the thoughts of Shirokuma Corporation became a shape.
Thank you for your compliment!

The design with the name of the design will be helpful for those who want to make support advertisements in the future!