August 2023 Buzz OOH ranking



August 2023 Buzz OOH ranking

Hello, this month is Kawahara, a JEKI support advertising secretariat who is busy on an expedition or a stadium live.
After all, outdoor live is really the best! ! I am still immersed in the lingering stadium live last week.

The new series "Buzz OOH Ranking" started last month.

We will introduce the top 5 of the OOH that was held every month mainly on SNS. Is your recommendation ranked in? ?

What is OOH?

"OOH" is an abbreviation of "Out of Home", and is called "outdoor advertisement" in Japanese.
It refers to advertising media such as trains and bus advertisements such as traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements, airports and station premises, car body wrapping ads, and outdoor signs.

Most of the cheering advertisements you have are OOH!

August 2023 Buzz OOH ranking

Introducing the top5 of the OOH (traffic advertising and outdoor advertising) conducted in August 2023, which became a hot topic mainly on SNS.

SNS analysis is performed mainly in posted posts related to OOH, and it is ranked by quoted (including retweet).

1st place: [Idolish Seven] Fan delight in the 8th anniversary advertisement! !

Estimated post: Approximately 24,000
Estimated impressions: about 17 million
Extract word: "Ainana 8th Anniversary" etc.

Ainana, who was ranked fourth in the "8th anniversary teaser ad" last month, is the first place this month!

On August 20, the 8th anniversary of Anniversary, the best present was developed for the manager (a general term for fans), such as switching advertisements from silhouettes.

2nd place: [GERO Live Advertising Poster] Live announcement should be an advertisement!?

Estimated post: Approximately 18,000
Estimated impressions: about 11 million
Extract word: "Gero live poster" etc.

He worked as a singer in Nico Nico Douga and later made his major debut. Rock Anison singer Gero's advertisement for live announcement in Kyushu is ranked second!

It is too interesting that the live announcement advertisement, which was left to the staff, was a nominated style, and that both Gero and himself knew it on Twitter DM from fans.

3rd place: [Google Pixel x Nijisanji] Two popular Vtuber presentation with a three -dimensional advertisement in Shinjuku!

Estimated post: Approximately 17,000
Estimated impressions: about 9 million
Extract word: "Google pixel Shinjuku Kano Kuzuhaha" etc.

Last month, "[Google Pixel Fold ×) #ChroNoiR ] It was ranked first in the 3D video advertising announcement at the Cross Shinjuku Vision, but this is the "broadcast start announcement".

It's really strong! CMs on terrestrial waves are also being broadcast acclaimed.

Rejoice to Kuzuha and Kano who jumps out!

Many voices saying "I want to go to see it!"
The virtual feeling of always appearing on the Internet is a real outdoor advertisement and appearing in a 3D three -dimensional.

4th place: [Collapse Star Rail] Advertisement on a large Chinese screen in commemoration of the new character implementation! ! A huge advertisement at Ikebukuro Station in Japan!

Estimated post: Approximately 8,000
Estimated impressions: about 5 million
Extract word: "Stare advertisement", etc.

HOYOVERSE's smartphone and PC game "Collapse: Star Rail".
The distribution of PlayStation 5 is scheduled for October 11, 2023.

With the appearance of a new character, a large advertisement in the home country! After all overseas signage is big and beautiful!

In Japan, an ad was posted at Ikebukuro Station.

5th place: [The person who was worried was not a man] Giant advertisement appears at Shibuya Station!

Estimated post: Approximately 6,000
Estimated impressions: about 2.2 million
Extract word: "Shibuya, who was not a man", etc.

Sumiko Arai's manga, which was a reprint immediately after the release of the book in April 2023, said, "The person who cares was not a man."

At the same time as the release of the book, the official playlist containing the songs that appear in the manga is immediately popular when it is released in each company's subs!

What is OOH x magazine cross -media deployment! It's amazing.

Survey method: Social media analysis
Survey time: August 1, 2023 -August 31, 2023
Survey method: Collected Twitter posts including OOH -related words (such as "station ads" "vision") within the above period, and calculate the number of estimated posts and estimated impressions for each case.
Research Organization: JEKI DATA-DRIVEN LAB Co., Ltd.
* This analysis may be caused by an estimate based on 10%sampling data, and an error with the actual value may occur.

OOH in August, which was a fierce hot

August 22 On the birthday of Kenmochi Tachiya, belonging to "Nijisanji", three birthday celebration adtracks by fans have appeared in the city of Shibuya!

Sometimes I was running together at the right time, and on SNS, it was full of fans' posts that saw Adtracks, saying "a large amount of sword owners is occurring."

I am honored to be able to help you.
Then next month!