Naniji support advertisement around Tokyo Dome is jacked!? Nanani Dome Support Project



Hello! I'm Ebe of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Suddenly, do you know what day on 2/27?

Yes, 2/27 is Nananiji Day🌈

The "support advertisement" of 22/7 (commonly known as Nananiji) of the voice actor unit/female idol group, the virtual idol group, which works as "digital voice actor idol", is around Tokyo Dome City Vision and Tokyo Dome on February 27. It was posted on the station!

The fan organization that planned this support advertisement, "Nananiidome Support ProjectI will introduce the comments from this today!

Jack advertisements around Tokyo Dome! ?

 This cheering advertisement is a special project that jacked not only in the vision of Tokyo Dome City, but also at B0 poster at Korakuen Station, the nearest station, two B0 posters at Kasuga Station and the area around Tokyo Dome!

For SNS, #Nananido Dome Support ProjectMany photos of cheering advertisements were posted along with#tag!

Interview with planning organizations

This time, we planned22/7 "Dome Support Project"I received a comment from Mr.!

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement?

The group set the goal of "aiming for Tokyo Dome".

At an event celebrating the sixth anniversary of the group on November 7, the words were spoken by the members in a strong tone, and I thought, "Can you do something as a fan for members who want to dome?"

On November 10th, JEKI's SNS account, "You can advertise to Tokyo Dome! I witnessed the introduction.

Previously, JEKI has a track record of posting a station advertisement, and we started a challenge for advertising, saying, "This must be some kind of fate."

-What was the difficulty through planning?

Anyway, I had a hard time saying, "There are so many items to be confirmed."

In particular, there was a part that was covered during the year -end and New Year holidays, especially for the creation of rough creation and examination data, so I will make sure that the screening schedule and rules are checked many times, and thanks to the efforts of illustrators and JEKI representatives. I was able to get over.

In addition, this time, "station advertising in a form linked to the vision" was also implemented, but due to the dome vision frame, it has been underway to receive a media company examination and SNS screening in less time than usual. I did it.

Therefore, it was difficult to make adjustments and re -examined in a short period of time after the frame was needed for pre -preparation and schedule change.

-How did you actually implement the project?

I think that it was a trigger for fans to unite and convey their thoughts to the members.

There was a lot of response from the recruitment stage of the crafan, but when it was actually posted in front of the Tokyo Dome, many people along with images and videos, "Someday, everyone will definitely go over there!" I was happy to have done it.

Also, some members have reported on SNS such as Tiktok and X on SNS.

I was so happy that I was able to see the cute appearance of the advertisement, but I also got a message such as "We deliver happiness to you".
However, I want to keep the word "I'm glad I did" until they stood at Tokyo Dome.

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future?

In order to realize the group's Tokyo Dome performance, it is essential to expand the fan base.
First of all, I would like to challenge large advertising projects, such as ad tracks and airships, to make people who are not fans know.

In addition to advertising advertisements, people who do not know the group of Nananii can create opportunities for those who do not know the group to know, and those who know the group seem to be "fun to support this group". I hope I can.



Thank you for your comment!
I was struck by the passion of the fans, "I want to support Nananiji's dream!"
When the live is held at Tokyo Dome someday, this cheering advertisement is definitely not a legend ...!Thank you very much!

If you give a cheering advertisement (Senil advertising) around Tokyo Dome!

Tokyo Dome is a sacred place for entertainment!

The vision of Tokyo Dome City is recommended for the "support advertisement (Senil advertisement)" for artists who are aiming at Tokyo Dome, as well as the celebration of concerts and games.

The vision that can be posted advertisements from April 2014 will increase and power up!

For more informationThis articlePlease refer to the♪

Also, the station poster at Korakuen Station, the nearest station

Please check Kasuga Station, which has recently become possible to implement support advertisements (Senil advertising)!