[3SKM debut commemorative] You can put it out in Yokohama! Supported advertising media introduction




hello everyone! JEKI support advertising secretariat.

The other day, three newcomers of Niji -san debuted! !
In the meantime, I felt like Mitarashi Dan debuted, but it's been more than 100 days. The flow of time is too fast ...

The debut "3SKM" this time is based on the "Virtual Yokohama" stage, and this time we will introduce the support advertising media in Yokohama! !
(Personally, I liked the laughter of Kaihoku -kun's laughing way for the visuals that seemed to be Nufufufu.☺)


For those who release support for the first time! Station poster

The station posters that are seen every week in Nijisanji's support advertisements can also be posted at Yokohama Station ◎

Please check the site below for detailed amounts.



[Public case]
At Yokohama Station, there is a case of posting a birthday advertisement of a senior river.✨


I want to give a support advertisement in the video! J ・ AD Vision

Did you know that you can actually release a support advertisement at the station?
It is a medium that makes it easy to get a lot of elements, such as making a support advertisement in videos, making animation, making an animation, making various costumes a slide show ...!



[Public case]
This is a support advertisement to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Kenmochi at JR Sakuragicho Station!
Speaking of virtual Kanagawa, it is a big senior.✨


I want to give a prominent cheering advertisement! Yokohama Mega Set

Anyway, I want to issue a great support advertisement with Dodon! ! Click here for those who say!
It is a large board that is as large as in Tokyo.


Kanagawa Prefecture, a jack advertisement from 47 prefectures from the official Nijisanji, was the medium!


A special support advertisement that can be served at Minato Mirai Station

◆ You can also advertise sticky notes! Suppose ROAD

In fact, did you know that you can jack with a poster board, cheering advertisement, or sticky notes at Minato Mirai Station! ?
Especially sticky advertisements can be made by fans, so if you do it when you are in Yokohama, you can deliver a message directly ...!



[Public case]


◆ A masterpiece! Flag advertisement

A special flag advertisement like jacking the station is also recommended!


[Public case]


Schedule for supporting support ads

Click here for the anniversary of three newcomers!

All three are support advertising rivers!

6/9 Kaisei -san Birthday
8/4 Yukari Kitami's birthday
9/12 Half Anniversary
11/1 Sakaki Ness -san Birthday
3/12 debut anniversary

Reception of cheering advertisements is made 4-2 months ago.
The first support advertisement! What isIt is recommended to apply 3 months agois.

The flow to posting ads isHere

The progress schedule isHere

Precautions in Niji -san support advertising

◆ About advertising design

When doing advertising design"Niji -san support advertising rules"as well as"AnyColor secondary creation guidelinesPlease follow the design production.

Click here!!

◆ Precautions regarding net prints

It is prohibited to distribute net print numbers on SNS, etc., not limited to rewards. The measure that the actual thing goes to the hand of the fan will be NG for any content, so thank you for your understanding.

Please check this out for details.
Points to note when raising funds

◆ Precautions when producing secondary creative illustrations

Regarding the use of secondary creative works, NijisanjiSupport advertising regulationsAs described, [Use of secondary creative works]

Please refrain from using the secondary creative work created by a third party.

In principle, it is assumed that participants who publish support advertisements will produce.

When producing illustrations used for cheering advertisements, please make the fan group members producing them instead of third parties.

(Please understand and agree with the projects, the requests for illustrators, etc., and make it as a fan group member).

Other precautionsHerePlease check more.

Actually, there is a "Frequently Asked Question" page for Niji -san!

Did you know that there is a dedicated page for those who post Niji -san support ads in "Frequently Asked Questions" to answer Gimon and questions about support advertising? !

FAQ  Niji -san support advertisement Frequently Asked Questions

Until now, we have published any questions in the Niji -san support advertisement.
Regarding the design of the secondary creation, we also answered quite a few geeky questions.

Click here for application

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you!