A must -see for those who want to release support! Advice from experienced people [schedule / member]



Hello! JEKI support advertising secretariat☄

From everyone who posted the support advertisement
"I had a sense of accomplishment, but it was very difficult because it was full of the first time."I often receive opinions> <

How long should I start preparing for support ads?
What are the precautions for illustrators and other investment members?
I would like those who do not know how to start in the first place.

This time, I have summarized some advice on the collection of schedules and members.

Regarding the schedule

Schedule from consideration to application

"The schedule can afford anyway!"
For the first time, [It is recommended to apply for Cheering AD for 3 months before posting.There were many opinions.

When planning, make a schedule by calculating backwards from the day you want to issue a support advertisement (the birthday of the push)!

From experienced people
"I think it's only one or two months ago to start fidgeting for an ordinary day, but if you want to advertise support, it's better to start preparing at the latest 4-5 months ago. I thought."And advice.

Before applying, when it comes to gathering remembers who set up schedules ...Preparation from 4-5 months agoIt is an impression that many people do.
(In the case of a large project, it may be faster!)

I want to get a big advertisement especially! In that case, check in advance how much money you need to collect and decide on the crowdfunding period.

The flow from [Examination -Application] isThis articleBut we are introducing!

Schedule from application to posting

And it is recommended to submit the design as well as the time of the application as well as the deadline!

These advice from experienced people.
"I think it's okay to have too much room for schedule. It's better to think that unexpected accidents will occur."
"It is better to plan with plenty of week for the deadline."

Later, this topic comes out, but support advertisements may be modified to be designed to be missed, and if you miss it, you may be able to fix the design.

The deadline presented by the JEKI support secretariat is "deadline".
If you pass this, you may not be able to post it, so we recommend submitting a little earlier for the first time.

If the design is not the organizer but the illustrator designer, and if it is difficult to correct quickly, have a lot of room for the schedule!

About investment members and illustrators

For group members and illustrator designers who work together, decide to some extent before applying!

Cheering advertisements have money exchanges, and as mentioned above, schedule management is quite important.
Anyway, the members moving togetherIt is important to be a trusted personis.

When asking an illustrator designer

If you ask non -organizers for illustrations or designs, it is recommended to check if you can request before applying.

Instead of choosing only the patterns, there were many advice to see the personality so that you can deliver them according to the schedule, and to recommend early voices.

[Precautions of illustrator designers]
・ Is it a person who has also received a request from an individual?
・ Have you ever received an illustration/design creation at the request, and can keep the deadline?
・ In the case of illustrators, can you respond to design creation and submitted data?
➡In the case of NG, a separate designer is required.

When playing roles with the sponsoring members

If there are multiple sponsoring members,

・ Who is in charge of what
(Progresser, designer in charge, crafand, SNS, etc.)
・ What to check the progress status
(All emails are common address, progress reports each time, etc. ...)
・ Everyone talks when trouble occurs

Let's decide in advance!
It is very important to decide the rules firmly because the money is involved.

"I felt that we had to proceed with the planning members and related places while taking closely."
"Depending on the size of the project, I felt that it was necessary to be aware of such" moving throughout the team "from the beginning."
Those who had many group members who have issued multiple advertisements have advised that it is important to cooperate among members.

Advice on design and printing will also be introduced!

The next article introduces the advice of experienced people regarding design production and printing after applying for support advertising!
If you are uneasy because you do not usually design, please read here as well.✨

First, see what kind of ads you have♪

I have to prepare for my birthday/anniversary! Whether you think or want to do it yet, please take a look at what kind of support ads are available.♪

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