Cheering advertisements can be issued to the movie theater "Aeon Cinema"!



Aeon Cinema_Cheld advertising Senil Advertising_cheering Ad_JEKI Supported Advertising Secretariat

It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

It is located in large commercial facilities such as AEON MALLs nationwide, and the largest movie theater in cinecorchen! We have started handling support advertisements for "Aeon Cinema".

Your recommendation will appear on the big screen of the movie theater and the poster in the lobby!

Would you like to release a support advertisement at a movie theater, an entertainment space?

◆ Intermission screening

Aeon Cinema Supported Advertising_JEKI

We will screen support advertisements at the time of the entry of the customer and the time when the screening starts on the ticket.

Before the screening of the movie, you can reflect your thoughts on the screen.

Supported advertising intermission screening

* If you would like to take a photo during the screening, a smartphone/camera, etc. before and after the ad.
Please insert a note on use.

◆ B1 poster installation

Aeon Cinema Supported Advertising_JEKI


A poster will be installed in the lobby of the movie theater.
In the lobby of a movie theater where many people gather, you can post a support poster for pushing.

Perfect for a birthday celebration of a movie lover! Please feel free to contact us.


* Congratulations on appearing in the movie "●●●"! If you give a movie name, in addition to your office, the distribution company of the movie will also need to permit support advertising.