Tenku Bridge Station is Amptak station!? Amptakxcolors 1stlive Tour support advertising case



 Hello! I'm Ebe of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

From today, AMPTAKXCOLORS's 1st live tour 
I'll start! !

The venue, "Zepp Haneda"
Tour mainly at Tenkabashi Station, the nearest stationMany support advertisements to celebrate the event have been posted!

It is no exaggeration to say that Tenku Bridge Station is an Amptak station! ? , I would like to introduce you to the post.

You can see it before the live, you can get excited,
You can see it after the live and soak in the lingering lingering ...

If you couldn't participate in the live crying at the live, please enjoy the cheering advertising tour!

* Tenku Bridge Station will be posted on the platform. Be careful of your surroundings and protect your manners with safety first.

● Tenku Bridge Station Downhill platform(Haneda Airport area)

● Tenku Bridge Station Up home(Hamamatsucho area)


 ● Tokyu Shibuya Station

A support advertisement for touring is also posted at Shibuya Station! Please take a look!

● Amptakxcolors support advertisements are being accepted!

AmptakXcolors"Tour and event held,Birthday, anniversary,CDListeners can advertise and celebrate the release!

Click below for details!

● If you want to advertise support for live celebration

I think there are many people who give out celebration flowers and frusta, but in fact, the number of fans celebrating the live concert with support advertisements is increasing!

Introducing the posting examples! Click below!

If you are participating in the tour, please enjoy it!