[BIG NEWS] It will be easier to advertise in JR East!



JR East support advertisement

Hello! It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

Today we will deliver big news!

Until now, when posting support advertisements in JR East, there was "restrictions on advertising design",Design restrictions are gone since 4/1, making it easier for you to issue support advertisements and birthday advertisements (Senil ads)!

Please confirm the new rules from the following.

Rule ① (about group screening)

It is not an individual, but an arbitrary fan organization. A group application is required.

Rules ② (for the supported person)

The supporting person must belong to an entertainment office.

However, those who have entered an audition program can be posted only during the audition period.

It is necessary to submit a document (email exchange, capture, etc.) to prove the permission from the right of the right, such as the affiliated office.

Rules ③ (about advertising design)

Here is a major change!

Until now, when posting support ads in JR East, it was necessary to have more than half of commercial elements such as CD release and live announcements in the advertising design,

From 4/1 to testCan be posted without commercial elementsThat's it! !

You will be able to post celebrations such as "Happy Birthday!" "Happy New Year!"


JR East Design Production Manual

Be sure to describe "group name" and "contact email address" in the advertising design.

In addition, you can design freely!


Depending on the social situation and situation in the future, your views may be reviewed.

The width of the posting of support advertisements will expand♪
We look forward to your inquiry!

What is the JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD"?

JEKI Cheering Advertising Secretariat "Cheering AD" is a support advertising secretariat operated by JR East Japan Planning.

We support fans who want to release cheering ads in their favorite ways, such as trains, stations, and towns.

More than 300 posted supports in one year!
Although it is the No. 1 ( *) support advertisement, we have received higher satisfaction than customers.
* 2022 JR East/Tokyo Metro posting results

What is Cheering AD?

The website of "Cheering AD" introduces support advertisements.

The latest posting examplesOfficial Twitter of Cheerign ADPlease refer to the!