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JEKI Supporting Advertising Secretariat _Bazed OOH ranking

The tray has passed, and if you notice it, the summer will end in no time. 。
How are you all spending this summer?

I remember doing summer -like things at all, but it is JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat Kawahara, who was working hard on live performances and gifts.

By the way, from this month, we will introduce the top5 of the OOH, which was held every month, entitled "Buzz OOH Ranking".

yeah? What is OOH?

"OOH" is an abbreviation of "Out of Home", and is called "outdoor advertisement" in Japanese.

It refers to advertising media such as trains and bus advertisements such as traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements, airports and station premises, car body wrapping ads, and outdoor signs.

Most of the cheering advertisements you have are OOH!

July 2023 Buzz OOH ranking

SNS analysis is performed mainly by buzzing in the OOH -related (traffic advertisement / outdoor ad

1st place: [Google Pixel Fold × #ChroNoiR ] 3D video advertisement at Cross Shinjuku Vision !!

Estimated post: Approximately 15,000
Estimated impressions: about 21 million
Extract word: "Google Pixel Fold Chronoir Shinjuku", etc.

The popular VTuber group "Nijisanji" and Kuzuha's unit "Kuronowa", which is very popular in support advertisements, has decided to appear on TV commercials as a member of Google Pixel user community "TEAMPIXEL". The news is the first place! Currently acclaimed TV commercials.

From August 22 this week, 3D video advertisements will be played at the cross Shinjuku vision at the east exit of Shinjuku Station.
Cross Shinjuku Vision, famous for that 3D huge cat, is a popular advertisement in supported advertisements!

2nd place: [MAYBELLINE] Conducted spector crumbet with eyelashes on vehicles and mascaras on advertisement !!

Estimated post: about 12,000
Estimated impressions: about 15 million
Extract word: "Maybelline" etc.

A promotion video developed using the British London transportation of "MAYBELLINE NEW YORK" that surprised the world.

100 % cannot be achieved with Japanese electric railways! ! !
If you were thinking about it, a 3D artistIan PadamIn fact, it was completely made of CGI (computer generated image).

This method, which looks so realistic that it cannot be determined whether it is a real or fake, is called "fake ooh" overseas.

3rd place: [Pikmin 4] That nostalgic game console is revived by station advertising! ?

Estimated post: Approximately 14,000
Estimated impressions: about 13 million
Extract word: "Pikmin Order", etc.

Nintendo Switch software "Game Boy Advanced SP" is carried by PikminsPikmin 4The station advertisement is emo! And topic.

That should be the case, Nintendo released the first work of the "Pikmin" series in 2001 in 2003, in 2003.
On SNS, people who missed their childhood who were playing with "Game Boy Advance SP" 20 years ago.

"Game Boy Advance SP" will appear as a "treasure" in the game of the first new work "Pikmin 4" released on July 21. Stabs for generations forever!

And overseasthat! Fans post a "Pikmin" support advertisement in Times Square!

Moreover, not only once, but also volunteer fans supported advertisements were broadcast on Times Square.
(I think that Nintendo has not obtained permission because it is overseas overseas. In Japan, it cannot be posted without the license of the rights.)

Overseas, which has more cheering advertisements than in Japan, is also big to do!

4th place: [Idolish Seven] 8th anniversary teaser advertisement is posted at Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Station!

Estimated post: about 12,000
Estimated impressions: about 8 million
Extract word: "Ainana 8th Anniversary Ikebukuro" etc.

From the app release on August 20"Idolish Seven (commonly known as Ainana)" celebrating its 8th anniversaryWhen the teaser advertisement is posted at Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Station,

There are many voices saying that this ad was pointed to the Met -Life Dome (now Berna Dome), which is familiar to "Nana Rai", and that a commemorative live of the 8th anniversary will be held, and on Twitter. "Nanara" is in the trend!

The second teaser ad appeared at the Tokyu Toyoko Line Shibuya Station Big 20 on the week of August 20, which celebrates the 8th anniversary.

The advertisement will switch on August 20, the 8th anniversary! ! !
This is the best gift for the manager.

Congratulations on the 8th anniversary of "Idolish Seven"!

Fifth place: [Naniwa Men] posted advertising advertisements for 2nd albums in SHIBUYA109

Estimated post: Approximately 7,000
Estimated impressions: about 1.7 million
Extract word: "Naniwa Men's SHIBUYA109" etc.

Magnet by Shibuya109 is a real and "Naniwa Men's Pop Up Mall" for a limited time. In addition, "Naniwa Boys" jacked the city of Shibuya, such as broadcasting a large vision in front of the Shibu Station Scramble intersection!

◆ Survey method
Social Media Analysis Survey Time: July 1, 2023 -July 31, 2023
Collect Twitter posts including OOH-related words ("station advertising", "vision", etc.) within the above period, calculate estimated number of estimates and estimated impressions for each case
* This analysis may be caused by an estimate based on 10%sampling data, and an error with the actual value may occur.

As mentioned above, we have delivered the best 5 OOH ranking that was buzzed in July 2023.

OOH in July, which was a fierce hot

The other day, I went to AESPA's first Tokyo Dome performance.
The Tokyo Dome performance in 2 years and 9 months from the debut is the fastest in overseas artists. It was really great with a performance that did not make it feel fine! !

The OOH in July I choose is Aespa and others who have reappeared in the famous 3D cat, "Cross Shinjuku Vision".

In AprilThe first time as a music artist! AESPA 3D advertisement(Notice of Tokyo Dome) was broadcast.
Members who look down at the cityscape of Shinjuku and waving their hands as if they were embarking out of the building💛
What was aired in July was the announcement of "Tokyo Dome Sold Out".

The 3D of the person, unlike a cat, has a large impact!

Cross Shinjuku VisionIt can be broadcast from one day, so it is also recommended for support advertising.


Then next month again!