OOH ranking that was buzzed in January 2024


Buzz OOH ranking


2024 is also full throttle!
It is Kawahara of the busy JEKI support advertising secretariat because the push will come to Japan one after another every week.

Let's see the first buzz OOH ranking in 2024 ~ ~
This month there are many entertainment ranks!

What is OOH?

"OOH" is an abbreviation of "Out of Home", and is called "outdoor advertisement" in Japanese.
It refers to advertising media such as trains and bus advertisements such as traffic advertisements and outdoor advertisements, airports and station premises, car body wrapping ads, and outdoor signs.

Most of the cheering advertisements and Senil advertisements you have are OOH!

OOH ranking that was buzzed in January 2024

SNS analysis is performed mainly in posted posts related to OOH, and ranked in quoted (including retweet).

1st place: [URBANHACKS] Advertisement for engineer recruitment is excellent!

Please read it well.
If you look closely, that? Can you read it? !

I was worried and flew HP.

Estimated post: Approximately 15,000
Estimated impressions: about 10 million
Extract word: "Advertising programming", etc.

No, Tokyu -san is too cool.

2nd place: [Number_i] Members color New York's signage!

Former KING & PRINCE's new group "Number_i (Number Eye)", formed by former King & Prince Shiyo Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi, will be released on January 1, 2024!

"Goat" x Spotify "TOKYO SUPER HITS", which is posted on the street of "Madison Square Garden" near New York Times Square, has also appeared near New York Times Square.

I'm looking forward to future activities, such as the MV released on YouTube over 10 million times in three days!

The debut song suddenly ranked first in YouTube. The greatness of "Number_i" and "GOAT". | Tokuriki

Estimated post: Approximately 17,000
Estimated impressions: about 5 million
Extract word: "Number_i New York" etc.

3rd place: [Irisu] Promised Budokan Live Memorial! The trajectory to Budokan is posted in Shinjuku 456! !

"Irisu" was formed in October 2020 as a singer group working in video distribution.

45.6m's longest station signage, the name of "Shinjuku Wall 456", "Irisusu" Budokan live ads appeared!

"Irisu" leader and 2.5 -dimensional idol office Co., Ltd. VOISING representative, Noko's tweet.

That's right. "Shinjuku Wall 456" is a very popular medium, so you have to apply for a long time, and if you have multiple applications, it will be a lottery and you will not be able to post it.

As you said, it is amazing that you can post it in "Shinjuku Wall 456" at the desired timing!

In addition to the Shinjuku area, "Irisu" was developed in large -scale advertisements in multiple areas in Japan. The advertising development that fans from all over Japan could enjoy was really nice.

However, the day after Budokan, suddenly the news

Three years and four months after debut. "Irisu" was fulfilled by Nippon Budokan live that had been a dream since the beginning. I hope that it will be more powered up and come back!

Estimated post: Approximately 18,000
Estimated impressions: about 3.5 million
Extract word: "Irisus advertisement", etc.

4th place: [Idolish Seven] Flag advertising in Shibuya! Near the posting area, there is also a device where new songs flow as BGM!

Idolish Seven, a regular advertising rankingura! Every time it is strong!
It's the best songs that are played in the city of Shibuya.

The posts of the fans brought their locks and shooting with flags were full of SNS.

The flags in Shibuya Center Street are perfect for artists' new song launch.

Recently, 84 Taylor Swift flags have been posted in 94 places in Shibuya Center Street, according to the 4DAYS performance of the Taylor Swift Tokyo Dome Performance 4DAYS (first overseas female artist!). Taylor's hit song was playing as BGM.

Estimated post: about 10,000
Estimated impressions: about 3.2 million
Extract word: "Ainana Advertising", etc.

5th place: [Touken Ranbu] Advertising to commemorate the 9th anniversary appears in Ikebukuro

"Touken Ranbu ONLINE", which has exceeded 12 million users, is the 9th anniversary of the service start on January 14!
To commemorate the 9th anniversary, a large advertisement of "Touken Ranbu Online" was posted on the outer wall of the Animate Ikebukuro head office for one month.

Estimated post: Approximately 9,000
Estimated impressions: about 3 million
Extract word: "Touken Ranbu Ikebukuro" etc.

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Survey method: Social media analysis
Survey time: January 1, 2024 -January 31, 2024
Survey method: Collected Twitter posts including OOH -related words (such as "station ads" "vision") within the above period, and calculate the number of estimated posts and estimated impressions for each case.
Research Organization: JEKI DATA-DRIVEN LAB Co., Ltd.
* This analysis may be caused by an estimate based on 10%sampling data, and an error with the actual value may occur.


An advertisement that was a fierce fuss

The recent OOH trend is linked to the OOH x SNS campaign!

This is a measure of advertising in the drama "Ooku" when it starts in Fuji TV in January.

When reposted, a closed sliding door opens.
It is a trick to replace it during the posting period.


A long time ago, the topic of the "JOCHUM" campaign, the first anniversary of the character "JOCHUM" jointly developed by Sanrio and the Global Boys Group "JO1".


Jochum was blown away by the wind while preparing for the party.

Using this post, JAM (JO1's fan name) has mobilized JOCHUM all over Japan, and SNS was crowded with discovery!

If you search for JOCHUM, which was hidden in OOH from all over Japan, and report it on SNS
Returning to Shinjuku, the sheet of the sequence character is pasted out.

I'm also JAM, but the hidden JOCHUM location and OOH were too excellent to be named for fans!

It's hard to find this kind of thing if you look hard.

While commuting, I happened to find the highest grade at the signage at Meiji Jingumae Station.

Moreover, out of the 17 pillars of the 5 pillars, only one side is displayed, and the usage of OOH is too good ~~~

Although it costs a separate cost, there are various methods of OOH, as well as replacement and special broadcasting during posting.

Realistic, such as OOH x SNS campaign✕Please feel free to contact us as web cross media measures can be proposed.
We look forward to your inquiry!

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