Celebrate anime works with support advertisements! “Chargeman Ken!” Celebrating 50th anniversary! Examples of support advertisements in 10 locations nationwide



 Hello! This is the Jeki support advertising office.

This time, we will be introducing the masterpiece TV anime “Kyodo”, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary on April 1, 2024.Chargeman LabWe would like to introduce an example of a support advertisement for "!" (Charken for short).

We've also received comments from fan groups, so we'd be happy if you could watch until the end!

Aim! Posted all over Japan!

There are usually many events centered around Tokyo, so we decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the broadcast, which only happens once.I want to celebrate with Charken fans all over the country!An organization filled with love for Charken has planned this support advertisement.

In the end, there were 10 locations, from Sapporo in the north to Okinawa in the south! "The goal is all over Japan!” The thoughts of the fans are taking shape...

During the posting, people across the country said, ``I saw the Char Lab support advertisement!''#Charken support advertisement with # ofThere were many posts on SNS.

And surprisingly, Noboru Sato, the voice actor for the Demon King of Jural, came to see the support advertisement! This is irresistible for fans.

Interview with planning organization

"Chargeman Lab! Support Advertising", which carried out this project, gave us a comment.

-What made you decide to issue a support advertisement?
Until now, events related to "Chargeman Ken!" have often been held in big cities such as Tokyo, and many times I have seen fellow fans who live in rural areas feel lonely. I'm also from a local area, and there have been several times when I haven't been able to attend events. That's why I wanted to create an event where people could share the feeling of celebration not only in Tokyo but all over Japan, using the fan-driven "support advertisements" that have become more common in recent years.

-What were some of the challenges you faced while implementing the project?
When I looked into some examples of support advertisements, there were almost no cases related to animation, so I was worried about whether permission would be granted, but through the Jeki support advertisement office, we proceeded quickly to obtain permission from the rights holder, which was very helpful. I did. Considering the ease of viewing the advertisement and the difficulty of confirming it, we narrowed the number of images used in the advertisement to six. I wanted to include other popular characters, but it was difficult this time. In addition to creating advertisements, we also prepared a lot of things, such as creating an announcement account and posting an announcement. It was quite difficult to create 10 posted maps...
Although it was a lot of things I had never done before, the secretariat carefully guided me through the process of posting the poster, and I was able to complete it without any problems.

-How was it when you actually implemented the plan?
With the support of many people, including the secretariat and rights holders, we were able to successfully post support advertisements in 10 locations across the country. The advertisements were posted in 10 locations for about two weeks, and seeing how many fans went to see them, I think we were able to achieve our original goal of "sharing the feeling of celebration throughout Japan." I think.
After it was posted, the post at Sapporo Station went viral, was seen by the voice actors who appeared on "Charken," and was introduced on the rights holder's Instagram, so it was a very happy two weeks. .

-What kind of support would you like to provide in the future?
I would like to contribute by purchasing "Chargeman Ken!" and related products and participating in events. In addition, we hope that by passing on the know-how we have gained through the production of Charken support advertisements to everyone who is interested in this matter, we will be able to further develop fan activities regardless of the work or genre. I'm here.

I'm sure it took a lot of effort to post the posters in 10 locations across the country, but thank you very much for your hard work. Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of “Chargeman Ken!”

Leave the confirmation to the rights holder to “Cheering AD”♪

This time, I helped put up support advertisements for anime works! Thankfully, the targets of support advertising are expanding to a variety of genres.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, even if you are interested in supporting a genre or genre that you have never seen in support advertisements before. Please leave the confirmation to the rights holder to the jeki support advertising office "Cheering AD".♪