Congratulations on winning Kawasaki Frontale⚽"Supported advertisement" Adtrack has also ran! Report!


Kawasaki Frontale _ Supported advertisement


The Finals of the Emperor's Cup for the Soccer on December 9 (Sat). Did you watch it? Well, it was a great match. Just the finals. Just a fierce battle. This is exactly the battle that did the dead power.

Thank you for your excitement!

It's all about this word. Let both teams tell you.

Before the game. Appeared in a hot national!

Kawasaki Frontale "Supported Advertising" Adtrack. that name as well"♯Frontale Aoi. Before the game, we entered the National Stadium with the enthusiasm of "Aim! Win the Emperor's Cup!"

Slowly, and dignified.

With the supporters heading for the blue support. For the decisive battle, the idling of "Supported Advertising" Adtrak is also perfect.

During the match, he continued to send power to the team around the national.

this"♯Did someone see the dedicated appearance of the Frontale Aoi? No, you can't see it. Without being told, my job just runs around the national. With one feeling.

A cheering advertrack that just ran while keeping the air like such a craftsman veteran player.

After the match, tears from Kashiwa supporters "congratulations!"

Everything was a hot battle between the players.

He gave cheers, such as applause, "Thank you!", "Congratulations on winning!", "It was a good match!"

I was very happy that there was a voice from Kashiwa supporters. tears

A hot advertisement. Supported advertisement.

"Supported advertisement" Adtrack is not just an advertisement, but something for players

Isn't it an advertisement that has such a hotness like a person?

It may be too leap, but I thought that.

Both the advertisement and the viewer are a little "hot".

A new form of support for sports.

In the cheerleading ad, I would like to continue to draw such a future!


picture? What is support advertising in soccer?⚽