INI Takatsuka's birthday advertisement



Hello. This is Kawahara of the JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Introducing the birthday advertisement of INI Daime Takatsuka, who has celebrated his birthday in April!

◆ Takatsuka Dae Hong Kong FUNPAGE

Cross Shinjuku Vision

"Cross Shinjuku Vision", a familiar 3D cats at the east exit of Shinjuku, is a popular place for support advertising!

◆ Takatsuka Dai -sama

Unica vision

Shinjuku Higashi Exit 3 signage "Unica Vision" is also a popular posting place with support advertising.

Minato Mirai Station Sticky notes Advertising

Minato Mirai is where INI's first fan meeting was held.

For the first time in Minato Mirai Station, we conducted a "sticky notes" for the first time for INI and MINI (the general term for INI fans)!

The large boards in front of the ticket gate are very noticeable.

I caught the view of the return from the concert and many people who came to Yokohama to play.
In addition, the sticky notes written by the fans were sent to the person as a message book. That's nice!

Sticky notes can be enjoyed on SNS as well as gradually filling up.

You can deliver a handwritten message with the hearts of the fans to the person!

Cup holder event

We supported a cup holder event at THE ALLEY at Nyuman Yokohama store.

Welcome your fans in the balloon of Daime Takatsuka's member color!

 Daime Takatsuka FANDAM was planned in the Yokohama area,
There were many mini people who do "Senil advertising tours" to work on sticky notes, flower shop events, and cup holder events!

Interview with the planner

Ini Daime Takatsuka I received a comment from FANDAM!

● How was the project actually implemented?
-I was glad that I received thanks from the fans who participated, and that there were many people who were supporting the fans and cheered in few opportunities to meet the fans.

● What kind of support do you want to support in the future?
-I want to have an event that has never been held before.

Thank you very much this time!

We were happy to be able to help INI Takatsuka Daimei, who is loved from all over the world.