There are plenty of this year! JO1 JO1 Shoya -san's birthday advertisement




Hello!jekiIt is Kobayashi of the support advertising secretariat. 

Today is4Month5My birthday was on the dayJO1 Introducing the birthday ads of Shoya Kizu. 

I want to celebrate my birthday nationwide!

This year, I have been helping with Cheer Ad support for the third year.

There are plenty of birthday projects in 2023!

① Adtrack (Shibuya / Sakae)

 ② Morley Fantasy Crane Game Signage

③ Large boat Shinjuku Sanchome Premium

④ Cup holder Shinjuku

⑤ Flower shop event Yurakucho / Shinjuku / Yokohama / Omiya

It is a plan to prepare an original ribbon and distribute it at a florist! On my birthday, SNS was full of light purple flowers🌸

Large boat, cup holder planning and flower shop events were held at the same station, so many people were around support advertisements.♩ 

In addition, advertisements that JAMs nationwide can enjoy are being implemented,

1st year Sushilow signage

2nd year 47 prefectural station poster

3rd year fantasy media

It is exciting every year.


Interview with planning organizations 

The rabbit hut planning committee of the Kogan Zen Juya, who implemented this project, commented. 

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement? 

I have a celebration advertisement every year, and I want to enliven the birthday of Ki -kun again this year! I posted it from the feeling. 

-What was the difficulty through planning? 

The originally planned project was unable to implement it, and it was very difficult to prepare in a short time. Just members and illustratorsjekiIt was good that the support advertising secretariat was able to submit it safely in another project. 

-How did you actually implement the project? 

In the first ad track, it just overlaps with the timing of the release, so it operated near Tower Records, so manyJAM (JO1)The name of the fan)I was able to see it! 

In the crane game signage, it was posted on a lot of monitors than I expected and I was surprised. 

In addition, at the flower shop event that was implemented separately from the advertisement, it was a store near the station, so many people could participate. When celebrating the push, there are many buying cakes and flowers, so it was a perfect development. 

-What kind of support do you want to support in the future? 

Ki -kun in the futureJamI want to implement a development that can be enjoyed!

Thank you for your birthday project! It was very impressive that many fans could participate and enjoy.

If you want to give a cheering ad, we look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us.