You can get a support advertisement (Senil advertisement) to the magazine "JUNON"!



It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

Speaking of idol magazines! We have started handling support advertising frames for the magazine "JUNON" that everyone knows!

◆ What is the monthly performing arts magazine "JUNON"?

Television, movies, music scenes, sports ... In each field, "the most shining star '' appears for everyone who loves"General entertainment magazine "JUNON"!Would you like to post your support advertisement (Senil advertising) in such a magazine?


◆ What is support advertising (Senil advertising)?

The advertiser is a fan!"Happy birthday!" "Happy New Year!"This is a new support method from Korea (K-POP), which issues an advertisement to support the push.

Korean idol fans have seen Senil advertisements (support ads) posted in magazines! I think there are many people, but it can be implemented in Japan.♪


◆ Information at a special price!

We have prepared a special support advertising plan.

1 page 1 page in the middle color 800,000circle(Tax excluded)

Please check this out for details.

Why do not you implement support advertising in magazines that can be left at your hand?

We look forward to your inquiry!