KCON's first celebration advertisement! Just b


Korean idol JUSTB support advertisement


Hello!JEKI support advertising secretariat.

Today isSouth Korea6 -member male idol group Just B KconIntroducing the celebration advertisement for the first appearance.

Celebration near the live venue

May12From the day14Held at Makuhari Messe on the dayKconAt the nearest station, Kaihin Makuhari Station1It was posted for a month.



Interview with planning organizations 

Of the fan groups that implemented this project Just B JAPAN FANBASE I received a comment from Mr.. 

-What made you want to get a cheering advertisement? 

We have been supporting JUST B in June 2021 since our debut, and has been supporting advertisements and events in Korea and Japan.

This time, JUST B was going to appear in KCON for the first time, so I was looking for an advertisement to convey the blessing feeling, so I found a place where I could advertise at a station near the venue and applied.

 -What was the difficulty through planning?

It was an advertisement from the desire to let more people know JUST B, while blessing Just B, so I looked for a video that brought out the goodness of the six people, and I was convinced that there was only time. It was the hardest to finish the design. 


-How did you actually implement the project? 

By looking at the ads before the fans go to the venue, I think that the tension of the event participation has risen and I am pleased.

I would be glad if it stopped in the eyes of the passing passing.

 -What kind of support do you want to support in the future? 

I would like to make a project that makes you think that it was good to participate in the participants, and a support activity that conveys our support for JUST B.

 Thank you for your plan! It was a really nice video!

Recommended support ads around Makuhari Messe 

The event is always held at Makuhari Messe, so the station signage (J. AD Vision Kaihin Makuhari Station 1 month), which I introduced today, is a very popular advertisement.

We recommend you to apply as soon as possible, as it will be sold out immediately.


In addition, there is an outdoor vision (Visvi Makuhari 7 days) in front of the station at Kaihin Makuhari Station.


This is the recommended advertisement at the time of Makuhari Messe event!

If you want to give a cheering ad, please feel free to contact us.