[This week's Nijisanji! ] April 22 weekly support advertising introduction



"#This week's Niji -san support advertisement"🌈🕒This week, we will introduce the support advertisements that the JEKI support advertising secretariat helped!

This week, we will introduce each of the rivers and units!
I would be glad if you could comment on X if it is easier to see, such as the region or the river.✨

Please try to visit the GW from this weekend.✨

🌈Dytica 1st anniversary (Ikebukuro / Akihabara)

Following the first anniversary of Oriens one month ago, Dytica's first anniversary advertisement has also been posted.✨One year is too early ...!

📍Ikebukuro Harezovision

It is a vision near Ikebukuro Animate✨


📍Tokyo Metro Ikebukuro Station

📍Tokyo Metro Akihabara Station

* Star guide Show can only post support advertisements only in groups. Please contact us in advance in the case of implementation.

✝6th anniversary of the criminal (Osaka Namba)

📍Kintetsu train Osaka Namba Station

Kenmochi -san and Fushimi -san fans have posted support ads that are connected by posters.✨Too good ...! !

* It is not possible to post side by side with separate organizations due to the space for the posting location. Please consult in advance.


💫Mohiro Yukijo's 5th anniversary (Hokkaido, Nagoya, Osaka)

What a post of 4 places nationwide✨Tokyo Tokyo seems to start posting from April 29 next week!

If you are in Tokyo, please follow your fan group account and wait for the announcement.
📍JR Hokkaido Sapporo Station
📍Kintetsu train Osaka Namba Station

📍Nagoya Railway Meitetsu Nagoya Station


🧷 🧷 🧷 🧷 🧷 🧷 🧷 🧷 さん さん さん さん さん さん さん

Mashiro's birthday advertisement is being posted in two places in Tokyo!

Both have a dark poster with a dark impression like Mashiro -san.✨

📍Tokyo Metro Meiji Before Station

📍Tokyo Metro Akihabara Station


👹VOXAKUMA's birthday (Nagoya)

Nijisanji EN's VOX's birthday advertisement is posted in Nagoya!

New costumes seemed to be insanely strong personally👹

📍JR Tokai Nagoya Station

This is a large -sized support advertisement! ! It is 4 times the size of the official new life support poster next door!

Acceptance of support ads by Nijisanji🎵

Currently accepting even birthday rivers in August!
(You can apply 2-4 months before the scheduled posted)
Please see the following article for the precautions of Niji -san's support advertising!

The JEKI Support Advertising Secretariat will support you!

We are waiting for you♪