[This week's Nijisanji! ]May 20th week support advertisement introduction



“#This week’s Nijisanji support advertisement”🌈🕒We would like to introduce the support advertisements supported by CheeringAD.

Salome's 2nd anniversary advertisement and Albarn and Rize's birthday advertisements are being posted around Tokyo! There are many Ikebukuro stations in Tokyo this week too!

💯Ichihyakuman Amahara Salome 2nd anniversary (Ikebukuro, Umeda, Nagoya, Hiroshima)

📍Animate nationwide

Surprisingly, you can run support advertisements on Animate! ! Please come and buy goods to celebrate!♪

📍Tokyo Metro Ikebukuro Station/OsakaMetro Umeda Station

 2nd anniversary advertisements are appearing all over the country.✨Ikebukuro and Umeda are spectacular with two types of pastes.✨

📍Meitetsu Nagoya Station/JR Hiroshima Station


🎭Alban Knox's birthday (Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shinbashi)

📍Ikebukuro Station

 Albarn's support advertisement will include 3 types of posters in Ikebukuro and a vision advertisement on the day of his birthday.✨Fans, please be sure to check out the support advertisements in Ikebukuro this weekend!


📍Ikebukuro Hareza Vision & Tokyo Metro Akihabara Station


📍Yurikamome Shinbashi Station

Please see the link below for the location of support advertisements at Shinbashi Station. (Sorry, the tweet cannot be embedded, and the introduction has become a link.)


Click here to see the posting!


👑Lize Heruesta's birthday (Ikebukuro)

📍Tokyo Metro Ikebukuro Station

Celebrating Her Royal Highness the Princess's birthday will also be held at Ikebukuro Station!

Ikebukuro is full of Nijisanji support advertisements this week too.🌈


*Regarding the support advertisement posted inside the ticket gate, if you are not using the train, please use the admission ticket.
*There are areas within the station where there is a lot of foot traffic. Please be considerate of those around you when viewing support advertisements.

Now accepting support advertisements for Nijisanji🎵

We are currently accepting applications for birthday drivers in September.
(Applications can be made 2 to 4 months before the scheduled posting date)
Please see the article below for precautions regarding Nijisanji's support advertisements!

◆Regarding media and measures that prohibit “Nijisanji” support advertisements from being implemented

To avoid confusion and trouble during implementation,
The following media/measures are not allowed to be implemented, regardless of whether they are domestic or overseas.

・Events sponsored by fan groups (paid/free, regardless of content)
・Cafe collaboration
・Plans that involve handing out goods such as cup holder events
・Store media such as family restaurants
・Online advertising
・Advertisement measures such as distributing physical materials such as insert flyers
・Sticky note advertisement

 In addition, it is necessary to check each time for media that have no past implementation examples.
note that.

◆When posting support advertisements overseas

CheeringAD Online has started handling advertising media in China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia!

Overseas advertising|Cheering advertising/Senil advertising Cheering AD

When carrying out support advertisements overseas,“Nijisanji Support Advertising Regulations”Please also observe the above precautions.

The jeki support advertising office will support your promotion!

We are waiting for your application.♪