Cheering advertisements can be posted in the magazine "Nikkei Entertainment"!


Nikkei Entertainment Support Advertising


It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

Overseas, you often see "support advertising" in magazine advertising frames, but this time, we started handling magazine advertising frames with Cheering AD!

 Cheering advertisements can be posted in the trendy information magazine "Nikkei Entertainment!"

◆ What is "Nikkei Entertainment"?

In addition to "what is in fashion now," but also "why it is popular", read the trends of the times, and predict future hits.

It is a magazine that has many industry readers such as advertising agencies, television stations, and performing arts offices, mainly for entertainment lovers and early adapters who are very sensitive to fashion.

Nikkei Entertainment Support Advertising Sample

◆ Information on cheering advertisements!

This time, we have a "Nikkei Entertainment!"

Black and white page 1 page 684,000 yen (excluding tax)

4 colors 1 page 990,000 yen (excluding tax)

Please check this out for details.