You can get a support advertisement to the comprehensive sports magazine "Number"!



It is JEKI support advertising secretariat "Cheering AD".

Big News! Speaking of sports, this magazine! We have started handling advertising frames for the comprehensive sports magazine "Number" that represents Japan!

◆ What is the comprehensive sports magazine "Number"?

Founded in April 1980.From major sports to minor sports, we will tell you the charm of sports with beautiful photos. Would you like to post a support advertisement for your supporting teams and players in such a magazine? It is also recommended for supporting sports lovers.


◆ What is support advertising?

What is support advertising?"Congratulations on winning!" "Congratulations on participating in the game!" "I'll do my best to win next year!"Based on such "feelings", fans, not companies, become advertisers and advertise to support their recommendations.

◆ Information at a special price!

We have prepared a special support advertising plan.

1 page 1 page in the middle color 1,200,000circle(Tax excluded)

2 pages of middle color 4 colors 2,000,000circle(Tax excluded)

Please check this out for details.

Why do not you implement support advertising in magazines that can be left at your hand?

We look forward to your inquiry!